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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Accumulation of plutonium in mammalian wildlife tissues following dispersal by accidental-release testsJohansen, MP; Child, DP; Caffrey, EA; Harrison, JJ; Hotchkis, MAC; Payne, TE; Ikeda-Ohno, A; Thiruvoth, S; Beresford, NA; Twining, JR; Davis, E
Aug-2009Analytical method development for tritium in tree transpirate from the Little Forest Burial GroundTwining, JR; Harrison, JJ; Vine, M; Creighton, NM; Neklapilova, B; Hoffmann, EL
1-Jul-2009Anthropogenic acceleration of sediment accretion in lowland floodplain wetlands, Murray–Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, PA; Fluin, J; Tibby, J; Hancock, G; Harrison, JJ; Zawadzki, A; Haynes, D; Khanum, SI; Little, F; Walsh, B
6-Feb-2018The application of radiochronometry during the 4th collaborative materials exercise of the nuclear forensics international technical working group (ITWG)Kristo, MJ; Williams, R; Gaffney, AM; Kayzar-Boggs, TM; Schorzman, KC; Lagerkvist, P; Vesterlund, A; Ramebäck, H; Nelwamondo, AN; Kotze, D; Song, K; Lim, SH; Han, SH; Lee, CG; Okubo, A; Maloubier, D; Cardona, D; Samuleev, P; Dimayuga, I; Varga, Z; Wallenius, M; Mayer, K; Loi, E; Keegan, EA; Harrison, JJ; Thiruvoth, S; Stanley, FE; Spencer, KJ; Tandon, L
Dec-2008Assessing soil remobilisation in catchments using a 137Cs-sediment hillslope modelSimms, AD; Woodroffe, CD; Jones, BG; Heijnis, H; Harrison, JJ; Mann, RA
20-Sep-2009Assessment of radionuclide movement at an Australian legacy radioactive waste sitePayne, TE; Cendón, DI; Collins, RN; Hankin, SI; Harrison, JJ; Hughes, CE; Johansen, MP; Twining, JR; Waite, TD
1-Jun-2011Biotic, temporal and spatial variability of tritium concentrations in transpirate samples collected in the vicinity of a near-surface low-level nuclear waste disposal site and nearby research reactorTwining, JR; Hughes, CE; Harrison, JJ; Hankin, SI; Crawford, J; Johansen, MP; Dyer, LL
6-Nov-2018Capability development for the quantification of Ba-133 in milk powder by gamma-ray spectrometryVan De Voorde, R; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Harrison, JJ; van Wyngaardt, WM; Jackson, TW
6-Nov-2018Challenges in the radiochemical separation of marine samples from the Montebello IslandsThiruvoth, S; Child, DP; Harrison, JJ; Johansen, MP; Silitonga, A; Vardanega, CR; Wilsher, KL; Wong, HKY
6-Jul-2006Changing fluxes of sediments and salts as recorded in lower River Murray wetlands, AustraliaGell, PA; Fluin, J; Tibby, J; Haynes, D; Khanum, SI; Walsh, B; Hancock, G; Harrison, JJ; Zawadzki, A; Little, F
Nov-2017Comparison of radium-228 determination in water among Australian laboratoriesZawadzki, A; Cook, M; Cutmore, B; Evans, F; Fierro, D; Gedz, A; Harrison, JJ; Loosz, T; Medley, P; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Mullins, S; Sdraulig, S
Mar-2003Cyst and radionuclide evidence demonstrate historic Gymnodinium catenatum dinoflagellate populations in Manukau and Hokianga Harbours, New ZealandIrwin, A; Hallegraeff, GM; McMinn, A; Harrison, JJ; Heijnis, H
30-Jun-2004Determining the history and sources of contaminants in sediments in the Tamar Estuary, Tasmania, using 210Pb dating and stable Pb isotope analysesSeen, A; Townsend, AT; Atkinson, B; Ellison, J; Harrison, JJ; Heijnis, H
Nov-2013Ecosystem impacts of feral rabbits on World Heritage sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island: a palaeoecological perspectiveSaunders, KM; Harrison, JJ; Hodgson, DA; de Jong, R; Mauchle, F; McMinn, A
Nov-2005Environmental and effluent monitoring at ANSTO sites, 2004-2005Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T; Ferris, JM; Harrison, JJ
Mar-2007Environmental and effluent monitoring at ANSTO sites, 2005-2006Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T; Ferris, JM; Harrison, JJ
Oct-2004Environmental and effluent monitoring at ANSTO sites: 2003-2004Hoffmann, EL; Ferris, JM; Harrison, JJ; Loosz, T
10-Jul-2015Environmental isotopes to study radionuclide migration mechanisms at the Little Forest legacy siteHughes, CE; Cendón, DI; Harrison, JJ; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE
May-2008Environmental mobility of cobalt-influence of solid phase characteristics and groundwater chemistry.Payne, TE; Itakura, T; Comarmond, MJ; Harrison, JJ
24-Oct-2004Environmental monitoring at the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Ferris, JM; Harrison, JJ; Hoffmann, EL; Payne, TE; Szymczak, R