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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2020Electron beam weld modelling of ferritic steel: effect of prior-austenite grain size on transformation kineticsVasileiou, AN; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Francis, JA; Sun, YL; Flint, TF; Xiong, Q; Akrivos, V
15-Jul-2012The impact of axi-symmetric boundary conditions on predicted residual stress and shrinkage in a PWR nozzle dissimilar metal weldBendeich, PJ; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Edwards, L
Aug-2014The influence of austenite grain size during welding simulations of ferritic steelsHamelin, CJ; Muránsky, O; Edwards, L
1-Sep-2015The influence of constitutive material models on accumulated plastic strain in finite element weld analysesMuránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Patel, VI; Braham, C
Jul-2018Investigating optimal cutting configurations for the contour method of weld residual stress measurementMuránsky, O; Hosseinzadeh, F; Hamelin, CJ; Traore, Y; Bendeich, PJ
1-Sep-2016Mitigating cutting-induced plasticity in the contour method. Part 2: Numerical analysisMuránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Hosseinzadeh, F; Prime, MB
1-Jun-2012Numerical analysis of the effect of weld-induced residual stress and plastic damage on the ballistic performance of welded steel plateFlores-Johnson, EA; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L
15-Jul-2012Prediction and measurement of weld residual stresses in thermally aged girth-welded austenitic steel pipesMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Hamelin, CJ; Edwards, L
Nov-2014The role of plasticity theory on the predicted residual stress field of weld structuresMuránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L
6-Feb-2014A validated numerical model for residual stress predictions in an eight-pass-welded stainless steel platePatel, VI; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Olson, MD; Hill, MR; Edwards, L
15-Aug-2014Validation of a numerical model used to predict phase distribution and residual stress in ferritic steel weldmentsHamelin, CJ; Muránsky, O; Smith, MC; Holden, TM; Luzin, V; Bendeich, PJ; Edwards, L