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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2021Ca-SO4 crossover points in Phanerozoic seawater: evidence from fluid inclusions in haliteWeldeghebriel, MF; Lowenstein, TK; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI
15-Sep-2022[Ca2+] and [SO2- 4] in Phanerozoic and terminal Proterozoic seawater from fluid inclusions in halite: the significance of Ca-SO4 crossover pointsWeldeghebrial, MF; Lowenstein, TK; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI
30-Sep-2020Combined LA-ICP-MS and cryo-SEM-EDS: an improved technique for quantitative analysis of major, minor, and trace elements in fluid inclusions in haliteWeldeghebriel, MF; Lowenstein, TK; García-Veigas, J; Collins, D; Sendula, E; Bodnar, RJ; Graney, JR; Cendón, DI; Lensky, NG; Mor, Z; Sirota, I
2-May-2010Exploring the hydrochemical evolution of brines leading to sylvite precipitation in ancient evaporite basins.Cendón, DI; Pueyo, JJ; Ayora, C; García-Veigas, J; Blanc-Valleron, MM
1-Sep-2018Geochemical indicators in Western Mediterranean Messinian evaporites: implications for the salinity crisisGarcía-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Lowenstein, TK; Artiaga, D
1-Jan-2015Large celestine orebodies formed by early-diagenetic replacement of gypsified stromatolites (Upper Miocene, Montevive–Escúzar deposit, Granada Basin, SpainGarcía-Veigas, J; Rosell, L; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Martín, JM; Torres-Ruiz, J; Ortí, F
26-Sep-2019Late Miocene evaporite geochemistry of Lorca and Fortuna basins (Eastern Betics, SE Spain): Evidence of restriction and continentalizationGarcía-Veigas, J; Gilbert, L; Cendón, DI; Artiaga, D; Corbí, H; Soria, JM; Lowenstein, TK; Sanz, E
15-Jun-2015Marine to lacustrine evolution in an evaporitic environment: the late miocene Lorca Basin, SpainGarcía-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Gilbert, L; Rosell, L; Ortí, F; Playà, E; Prats, E; Soria, JM; Corbí, H; Sanz, E
4-Oct-2021The Messinian evaporites of the Mesaoria basin (North Cyprus): a discrepancy with the current chronostratigraphic understandingArtiaga, D; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Atalar, C; Gilbert, L
1-Jan-2013Salt deposition and brine evolution in the Granada Basin (Late Tortonian, SE Spain)García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Rosell, L; Orti, F; Torres Ruiz, J; Martín, JM; Sanz, E
24-Sep-2019Seafloor hydrothermal systems control seawater chemistry: evidence from fluid inclusion in haliteWeldeghebriel, MF; Lowenstein, TK; Demicco, RV; Graney, JR; García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Bodnar, RJ; Sendula, E
1-Jan-2014Sulfate isotope compositions (δ34S, δ18O) and strontium isotopic ratios (87Sr/86Sr) of Triassic evaporites in the Betic Cordillera (SE Spain)Ortí, F; Pérez-López, A; García-Veigas, J; Rosell, L; Cendón, DI; Pérez-Valera, F
24-Nov-2011Zechstein saline brines in Poland, evidence of overturned anoxic ocean during the late Permian mass extinction eventGarcía-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Pueyo, JJ; Peryt, T