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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2019[18F]Ethenesulfonyl fluoride as a practical radiofluoride relay reagentZhang, B; Fraser, BH; Klenner, MA; Chen, Z; Liang, SH; Massi, M; Robinson, AJ; Pascali, G
18-Oct-2013Ascertaining the suitability of aryl sulfonyl fluorides for [18F]radiochemistry applications: a systematic investigation using microfluidicsMatesic, L; Wyatt, NA; Fraser, BH; Roberts, MP; Pham, TQ; Greguric, I
30-Jun-2020Astrocytic TSPO upregulation appears before microglial TSPO in Alzheimer’s diseaseTournier, BB; Tsartsalis, S; Ceyzériat, K; Fraser, BH; Grégoire, MC; Kövari, E; Millet, P
Jan-2019Comparative analysis of novel decynium-22 analogs to inhibit transport by the low-affinity, high-capacity monoamine transporters, organic cation transporters 2 and 3, and plasma membrane monoamine transporterFraser-Spears, R; Krause-Heuer, AM; Basiouny, M; Mayer, FP; Manishimwe, M; Wyatt, NA; Dobrowolski, JC; Roberts, MP; Greguric, I; Kumar, N; Koek, W; Sitte, HH; Callaghan, PD; Fraser, BH; Daws, LC
26-Aug-2022Cutting edge rare earth radiometals: prospects for cancer theranosticsSadler, AWE; Hogan, L; Fraser, BH; Rendina, LM
1-Nov-2014Derivatives of imidazotriazine and pyrrolotriazine C-nucleosides as potential new anti-HCV agentsDraffan, AG; Frey, B; Fraser, BH; Pool, B; Gannon, C; Tyndall, EM; Cianci, J; Harding, M; Lilly, M; Hufton, R; Halim, R; Jahangiri, S; Bond, S; Jeynes, TP; Nguyen, VTT; Wirth, V; Luttick, A; Tilmanis, D; Pryor, M; Porter, K; Morton, CJ; Lin, B; Duan, J; Bethell, RC; Kukojl, G; Simoneau, B; Tucker, SP
11-Apr-2013Developing national capability for the production and use of radiometal based radiopharmaceuticalsLengkeek, NA; Pellegrini, PA; Oehlke, E; Fraser, BH; Greguric, I
11-Apr-2013Development of novel ligands for emerging radiometal isotopesAshford, ME; Burgess, L; Cheah, WC; Krause-Heuer, AM; Fraser, BH; Greguric, I; Lengkeek, NA
1-Apr-2015Differential activity of decynium-22 analogs: novel targets for probing low-affinity/high-capacity biogenic amine transportersFraser, R; Owens, A; Wyatt, NA; Krause-Heuer, AM; Greguric, I; Callaghan, PD; Fraser, BH; Daws, LC
14-Jan-2019Effect of rhenium(i) complexation on aza-Michael additions to 5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline with [18F]ethenesulfonyl fluoride towards PET optical tracer developmentKlenner, MA; Pascali, G; Zhang, B; Ciancaleoni, G; Massi, M; Fraser, BH
8-Aug-2017Efficient access to chromeno[4,3-b]quinolines related to dependensinDobrowolski, JC; Fraser, BH; Bhadbhade, MM; Black, DS; Kumar, N
8-Sep-2017Evaluation of the antidepressant therapeutic potential of isocyanine and pseudoisocyanine analogues of the organic cation decynium-22Krause-Heuer, AM; Fraser-Spears, R; Dobrowolski, JC; Ashford, ME; Wyatt, NA; Roberts, MP; Gould, GG; Cheah, WC; Ng, CKL; Bhadbhade, MM; Zhang, B; Greguric, I; Wheate, NJ; Kumar, N; Koek, W; Callaghan, PD; Daws, LC; Fraser, BH
19-Jun-2019Fluorescence-activated cell sorting to reveal the cell origin of radioligand bindingTournier, BB; Tsartsalis, S; Ceyzériat, K; Medina, Z; Fraser, BH; Grégoire, MC; Kövari, E; Millet, P
22-Mar-2017A fluorine-18 radiolabeling method enabled by rhenium(I) complexation circumvents the requirement of anhydrous conditionsKlenner, MA; Pascali, G; Zhang, B; Sia, TR; Spare, LK; Krause-Heuer, AM; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Greguric, I; Guastella, AJ; Massi, M; Fraser, BH
26-May-2019Fluorine-18 radiolabelling and in vitro / in vivo metabolism of [18F]D4-PBR111Wyatt, NA; Safavi-Naeini, M; Wotherspoon, ATL; Arthur, A; Nguyen, A; Parmar, A; Hamze, H; Day, CM; Zahra, D; Matesic, L; Davis, E; Rahardjo, GL; Yepuri, NR; Shepherd, R; Murphy, RB; Pham, TQ; Nguyen, VH; Callaghan, PD; Holden, PJ; Grégoire, MC; Darwish, TA; Fraser, BH
7-Dec-2016A general and efficient synthesis of 5,6-dihydrodibenzo[b,h][1,6]naphthyridine derivativesDobrowolski, JC; Katen, A; Fraser, BH; Bhadbhade, MM; Black, DS; Kumar, N
13-Feb-2019A general synthesis of 7-Phenyl-7,13-dihydro-8H-benzo[6,7]azepino[3,2-c]quinolin-8-onesDobrowolski, JC; Nguyen, DHT; Fraser, BH; Bhadbhade, MM; Black, DS; Kumar, N
9-Oct-2019A general synthesis of benzoazepinoindoles – a new class of heterocyclesDobrowolski, JC; Nguyen, DHT; Fraser, BH; Bhadbhade, MM; Black, DS; Kumar, N
1-Feb-2016In vivo evaluation of radiofluorinated caspase-3/7 inhibitors as radiotracers for apoptosis imaging and comparison with [18F]ML-10 in a stroke model in the ratMédoc, M; Dhilly, M; Matesic, L; Toutain, J; Krause-Heuer, AM; Delamare, J; Fraser, BH; Touzani, O; Barré, L; Greguric, I; Sobrio, F
23-Oct-2015Ionophoric properties of a tetra-tetrazole functionalised calix[4]areneD'Alessio, D; Skelton, BW; Lengkeek, NA; Fraser, BH; Krause-Heuer, AM; Muzzioli, S; Stagni, S; Massi, M; Ogden, MI