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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Feb-2013Defect dynamics in polycrystalline zirconium alloy probed in situ by primary extinction of neutron diffractionKabra, S; Yan, K; Carr, DG; Harrison, RP; Dippenaar, RJ; Reid, M; Liss, KD
4-Feb-2009Direct, time-resolved in-situ observation of dynamic recyrstallization and related phenomena in the bulk of zirconium alloyLiss, KD; Garbe, U; Schambron, T; Almer, JD; Li, HJ; Yan, K; Dippenaar, RJ
Oct-2009From single grains to textureYan, K; Liss, KD; Garbe, U; Daniels, JE; Kirstein, O; Li, HJ; Dippenaar, RJ
15-Jul-2016Hydrostatic compression behavior and high-pressure stabilized β-phase in γ-based titanium aluminide intermetallicsLiss, KD; Funakoshi, K; Dippenaar, RJ; Higo, Y; Shiro, A; Reid, M; Suzuki, H; Shobu, T; Akita, K
1-Dec-2009In situ study of dynamic recrystallization and hot deformation behavior of a multiphase titanium aluminide alloyLiss, KD; Schmoelzer, T; Yan, K; Reid, M; Peel, MJ; Dippenaar, RJ; Clemens, H
1-Sep-2011In-situ characterization of lattice structure evolution during phase transformation of Zr-2.5NbYan, K; Carr, DG; Kabra, S; Reid, M; Studer, AJ; Harrison, RP; Dippenaar, RJ; Liss, KD
29-Nov-2016In-situ diffraction studies related to thermo-mechanical processes in metals and alloysLiss, KD; Li, X; Dippenaar, RJ
2-Feb-2017In-situ studies of γ-based Ti-Al alloys using synchrotron x-ray and neutron diffractionLi, X; Liss, KD; Dippenaar, RJ
5-Feb-2014Martensitic phase transformation and deformation behavior of Fe–Mn–C–Al twinning-induced plasticity steel during high-pressure torsionYan, K; Bhattacharyya, D; Lian, Q; Kabra, S; Kawasaki, M; Carr, DG; Callaghan, MD; Avdeev, M; Li, HJ; Wang, Y; Liao, XZ; Langdon, TG; Liss, KD; Dippenaar, RJ
29-Nov-2016Neutron and x-ray studies of TiAl-Nb intermetallics undergone high-pressure torsionLi, X; Dippenaar, RJ; Kawasaki, M; Liss, KD
1-Jun-2011Phase transition and ordering behavior of ternary Ti-Al-Mo alloys using in-situ neutron diffractionKabra, S; Yan, K; Mayer, S; Schmoelzer, T; Reid, M; Dippenaar, RJ; Clemens, H; Liss, KD
2-Feb-2016Steels and intermetallics under extreme conditionsLiss, KD; Dippenaar, RJ; Akita, K; Funakoshi, K; Reid, M; Suzuki, H; Shobu, T; Higo, Y; Saitoh, H; Zhang, S; Tomato, Y
1-Feb-2012Thermomechanical processing of titanium alloysThoennessen, L; Liss, KD; Dippenaar, RJ; Dehghan-Manshadi, A