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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2013Apparent polyploidization after gamma irradiation: pitfalls in the use of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) for the estimation of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA gene copy numbersKam, WWY; Lake, V; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Banati, RB
12-Feb-2013An Australian secondary standard dosimetry laboratory participation in IAEA postal dose auditsDavies, JB; Izewska, J; Meriaty, H; Baldock, C
Apr-2006Calibration of the Capintec CRC-712M dose calibrator for 18FMo, L; Reinhard, MI; Davies, JB; Alexiev, D; Baldock, C
1-Sep-2005Development of an Australian secondary standard for the reference air kerma rate measurement of 125I seedsDavies, JB; Mo, L; Alexiev, D
1-Aug-2000Digital coincidence counting - initial resultsButcher, KSA; Watt, GC; Alexiev, D; van der Gaast, H; Davies, JB; Mo, L; Wyllie, HA; Keightley, JD; Smith, D; Woods, MJ
1-Feb-2013Dosimetry aspects of a non-diffusing genipin-gelatin gelDavies, JB; Bosi, SG; Baldock, C
15-Feb-2017The effect of gamma-irradiation conditions on the immunogenicity of whole-inactivated Influenza A virus vaccineDavid, SC; Lau, J; Singleton, EV; Babb, R; Davies, JB; McColl, SR; Paton, JC; Alsharifi, M; Hirst, TR
1-Aug-2022Elucidating degradation mechanisms for a range of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) via controlled irradiation studiesPatch, D; O'Connor, N; Koch, I; Cresswell, T; Hughes, CE; Davies, JB; Scott, J; O'Carroll, D; Weber, K
1-Jun-2014Evaluating irradiation dose for sterility induction and quality control of mass-produced fruit fly cactrocera tryoni (Diptera: Tephritidae)Dominiak, BC; Sundaralingam, S; Jiang, L; Fanson, BG; Collins, SR; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Taylor, PW
1-Aug-2012A genipin-gelatin gel dosimeter for radiation processingDavies, JB; Bosi, SG; Baldock, C
26-Aug-2015Low dose gamma irradiation does not affect the quality or total ascorbic acid concentration of “sweetheart” passionfruit (passiflora edulis)Golding, JB; Blades, BL; Satyan, S; Spohr, LJ; Harris, AM; Jessup, AJ; Archer, JA; Davies, JB; Banos, C
Oct-2014Low dose gamma irradiation does not affect the quality, proximate or nutritional profile of ‘Brigitta’ blueberry and ‘Maravilla’ raspberry fruitGolding, JB; Blades, BL; Satyan, S; Jessup, AJ; Spohr, LJ; Harris, AM; Banos, C; Davies, JB
25-Oct-2021Mitochondrial translocator protein (TSPO) expression in the brain after whole body gamma irradiationBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Howell, NR; Storer, B; Davis, E; Davies, JB; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
1-Nov-2013Predicted ionisation in mitochondria and observed acute changes in the mitochondrial transcriptome after gamma irradiation: a Monte Carlo simulation and quantitative PCR studyKam, WWY; McNamara, AL; Lake, V; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Kuncic, Z; Banati, RB
7-Aug-2011Radiological characterization and water equivalency of genipin gel for x-ray and electron beam dosimetryGorjiara, T; Hill, R; Kuncic, Z; Bosi, SG; Davies, JB; Baldock, C
7-Jan-2015Silver nanoparticles prepared by gamma irradiation across metal organic framework templatesHe, L; Dumée, LF; Liu, D; Velleman, L; She, F; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Kong, L
1-Apr-2014Single step preparation of meso-porous and reduced graphene oxide by gamma-ray irradiation in gaseous phaseDumée, LF; Feng, C; He, L; Yi, Z; She, F; Peng, Z; Gao, W; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Huynh, C; Hawkins, S; Duke, MC; Gray, S; Hodgson, PD; Kong, L
May-2010Temperature dependence on the dose response of the Fricke-gelatin-xylenol orange gel dosimeterDavies, JB; Baldock, C
15-Dec-2014Tuning the grade of graphene: gamma ray irradiation of free-standing graphene oxide films in gaseous phaseDumée, LF; Feng, C; He, L; Allioux, FM; Yi, Z; Gao, W; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Kong, L