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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2020Advancements in the provision of deuterated lipids for neutron applications from the National Deuteration FacilityYepure, NR; Moir, M; Krause-Heuer, AM; Klenner, MA; Darwish, TA
11-Nov-2020ANSTO’s National Deuteration Facility: recent advancements and an overview on molecular deuteration capabilities for neutron applicationsWilde, KL; Cagnes, MP; Duff, AP; Klenner, MA; Krause-Heuer, AM; Moir, M; Rekas, A; Russell, RA; Yepuri, NR; Darwish, TA
12-Jul-2017The Australian National Deuteration Facility for structure function applications using neutronsDarwish, TA; Yepuri, NR; Heuer, AK; Duff, AP; Wilde, KL; Holden, PJ
20-Sep-2018Cellulose dissolution in ionic liquid: ion binding revealed by neutron scatteringRaghuwanshi, VS; Cohen, Y; Garnier, GFG; Garvey, CJ; Russell, RA; Darwish, TA; Garnier, G
2-Oct-2012Characterizing the photoinduced switching process of a nitrospiropyran self-assembled monolayer using in situ sum frequency generation spectroscopyDarwish, TA; Tong, YJ; James, M; Hanley, TL; Peng, QL; Ye, S
29-Nov-2016Chemical deuteration and neutrons for structure function applicationsDarwish, TA; Yepuri, NR; Heuer, AK; Cagnes, MP; Holden, PJ
12-Jul-2017Chemical deuteration of ionic liquids and their application in neutron reflectivityAkutsu, K; Darwish, TA; Cagnes, MP; Tamura, K; Kanaya, T
30-Jan-2018Chemical disorder in a frustrated J1/J2 quantum spin chain materialRule, KC; Mole, RA; Zanardo, J; Krause-Heuer, AM; Darwish, TA; Lerch, MLF
11-Aug-2010CO2 triggering and controlling orthogonally multiresponsive photochromic systemsDarwish, TA; Evans, RA; James, M; Malic, N; Triani, G; Hanley, TL
28-Aug-2014Comprehensive study of carbon dioxide adsorption in the metal–organic frameworks M2(dobdc) (M = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn)Queen, WL; Hudson, MR; Bloch, ED; Mason, JA; Gonzalez, MI; Lee, JS; Gygi, D; Howe, JD; Lee, K; Darwish, TA; James, M; Peterson, VK; Teat, SJ; Smit, B; Neaton, JB; Long, JR; Brown, CM
23-Dec-2013Deuterated polymers for probing phase separation using infrared microspectroscopyRussell, RA; Darwish, TA; Puskar, L; Martin, DE; Holden, PJ; Foster, LJR
26-May-2019Fluorine-18 radiolabelling and in vitro / in vivo metabolism of [18F]D4-PBR111Wyatt, NA; Safavi-Naeini, M; Wotherspoon, ATL; Arthur, A; Nguyen, A; Parmar, A; Hamze, H; Day, CM; Zahra, D; Matesic, L; Davis, E; Rahardjo, GL; Yepuri, NR; Shepherd, R; Murphy, RB; Pham, TQ; Nguyen, VH; Callaghan, PD; Holden, PJ; Grégoire, MC; Darwish, TA; Fraser, BH
29-Nov-2016The influence of glass transitions on diffusion in OLED stacksMcEwan, JA; Clulow, AJ; Shaw, PE; Nelson, A; Yepuri, NR; Darwish, TA; Burn, PL; Gentle, IR
1-Apr-2014Interpenetration as a mechanism for negative thermal expansion in the metal–organic framework Cu3(btb)2 (MOF-14)Wu, Y; Peterson, VK; Luks, E; Darwish, TA; Kepert, CJ
8-Aug-2017Intrinsically disordered stress protein COR15A resides at the membrane surface during dehydrationBremer, A; Kent, B; Hauß, T; Thalhammer, A; Yepuri, NR; Darwish, TA; Garvey, CJ; Bryant, G; Hincha, DK
21-Jun-2011Investigating morphology and stability of Fac-tris (2-phenylpyridyl)iridium(III) films for OLEDsSmith, ARG; Ruggles, JL; Cavaye, H; Shaw, PE; Darwish, TA; James, M; Gentle, IR; Burn, PL
11-Jan-2023Investigation on the relationship between lipid composition and structure in model membranes composed of extracted natural phospholipidsSantamaria, A; Batchu, KC; Fragnito, G; Laux, V; Haertlein, M; Darwish, TA; Russell, RA; Zaccai, NR; Guzmán, E; Maestro, A
12-Jul-2017Invisible deuterated detergents for membrane protein SANS investigationsDarwish, TA; Midtgaard, S; Gilbert, EP; Arleth, L
16-Apr-2021Kinetic isotope effects and synthetic strategies for deuterated carbon-11 and fluorine-18 labelled PET radiopharmaceuticalsKlenner, MA; Pascali, G; Fraser, BH; Darwish, TA
19-Jun-2020Labeled rhenium complexes: radiofluorination, α-MSH cyclization, and deuterium substitutionsKlenner, MA; Darwish, TA; Fraser, BH; Massi, M; Pascali, G