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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Application of nuclear techniques to environmental plastics researchLanctôt, CM; Al-Sid-Cheikh, M; Catarino, AI; Cresswell, T; Danis, B; Karapanagioti, HK; Mincer, T; Oberhänsli, F; Swarzenski, PW; Tolosa, I; Metian, M
Nov-2017Aquatic live animal radiotracing studies for ecotoxicological applications: addressing fundamental methodological deficienciesCresswell, T; Metian, M; Golding, LA; Wood, MD
2-Jul-2021Assessing the impacts of scale residues from offshore oil and gas decommissioning on marine organismsCresswell, T; Brown, S; Wong, HKY; Apte, S
19-Apr-2017Bioaccumulation and biodistribution of selenium in metamorphosing tadpolesLanctôt, CM; Cresswell, T; Callaghan, PD; Melvin, SD
Mar-2014Bioaccumulation and retention kinetics of cadmium in the freshwater decapod Macrobrachium australienseCresswell, T; Simpson, SL; Smith, REW; Nugegoda, D; Mazumder, D; Twining, JR
15-Apr-2021Bioaccumulation kinetics and internal distribution of the fission products radiocaesium and radiostrontium in an estuarine crabCresswell, T; Prentice, E; Howell, NR; Callaghan, PD; Metian, M; Johansen, MP
24-Dec-2014Bioaccumulation kinetics and organ distribution of cadmium and zinc in the freshwater decapod crustacean macrobrachium australienseCresswell, T; Simpson, SL; Mazumder, D; Callaghan, PD; Nguyen, A
10-Jun-2020Bioaccumulation kinetics of cadmium and zinc in the freshwater decapod crustacean Paratya australiensis following multiple pulse exposuresMcDonald, S; Cresswell, T; Hassell, KL
Sep-2014Bioaccumulation of 65Zn by the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) from dissolved and particulate phasesLee, JH; Birch, GF; Cresswell, T; Payne, TE; Simpson, SL
1-Jul-2019Biofilm-enhanced adsorption of strong and weak cations onto different microplastic sample types: use of spectroscopy, microscopy and radiotracer methodsJohansen, MP; Cresswell, T; Davis, J; Howard, DL; Howell, NR; Prentice, E
6-Nov-2018Biomarkers of radiation in the environment: report from Armenia Workshop in November 2017Cresswell, T; Tsakanova, G; Wood, MD
Jan-2014Challenges in understanding the sources of bioaccumulated metals in biota inhabiting turbid river systemsCresswell, T; Smith, REW; Simpson, SL
1-Nov-2013Challenges with tracing the fate and speciation of mine-derived metals in turbid river systems: implications for bioavailabilityCresswell, T; Smith, REW; Nugegoda, D; Simpson, SL
1-Jul-2014Comparing trace metal bioaccumulation characteristics of three freshwater decapods of the genus MacrobrachiumCresswell, T; Smith, REW; Nugegoda, D; Simpson, SL
Jan-2022Current understanding and research needs for ecological risk assessments of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in subsea oil and gas pipelinesKoppel, DJ; Kho, F; Hastings, A; Crouch, D; MacIntosh, A; Cresswell, T; Higgins, S
1-Aug-2015Dietary ingestion of fine sediments and microalgae represent the dominant route of exposure and metal accumulation for Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata): a biokinetic model for zincLee, JH; Birch, GF; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP; Adams, MS; Simpson, SL
21-Nov-2019Dietary uptake and depuration kinetics of perfluorooctane sulfonate, perfluorooctanoic acid, and hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid (GenX) in a benthic fishHassell, KL; Coggan, TL; Cresswell, T; Kolobaric, A; Berry, K; Crosbie, ND; Blackbeard, J; Pettigrove, VJ; Clarke, BO
7-May-2021Ecotoxicological effects of decommissioning offshore petroleum infrastructure: a systematic reviewMacIntosh, A; Dafforn, KA; Penrose, B; Chariton, AA; Cresswell, T
3-Apr-2019The effect of dissolved nickel and copper on the adult coral Acropora muricata and its microbiomeGissi, F; Reichelt-Brushett, AJ; Chariton, AA; Stauber, JL; Greenfield, P; Humphrey, C; Salmon, M; Stephenson, SA; Cresswell, T; Jolley, DF
10-Jun-2021Effect of short-term dietary exposure on metal assimilation and metallothionein induction in the estuarine fish Pseudogobius sp.McDonald, S; Hassell, K; Cresswell, T