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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Nov-2015Caves: observatories of Australia’s diffuse groundwater recharge historyBaker, AA; Treble, PC; Andersen, MS; Markowska, M; Coleborn, K; Flemons, I; Kempsey Speleological Society
11-Jul-2017Climate and groundwater recharge: the story from Australian cavesBaker, AA; Treble, PC; Markowska, M; Andersen, MS; Wang, Z; Mahmud, K; Cuthbert, MO; Coleborn, K; Rau, G
14-Dec-2017Dissolved organic matter in the unsaturated zone: the view from the caveBaker, AA; Duan, W; Rutlidge, H; McDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Meredith, KT; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Coleborn, K; Treble, PC
20-Apr-2019Hydrological and geochemical responses of fire in a shallow cave systemBian, F; Coleborn, K; Flemons, I; Baker, AA; Treble, PC; Hughes, CE; Baker, AC; Andersen, MS; Tozer, MG; Duan, WH; Fogwill, CJ; Fairchild, IJ
11-Jul-2017Impact of fire on hydrological and chemical signatures in karst vadose zone water, Wombeyan Caves, New South Wales, AustraliaBian, F; Coleborn, K; Flemons, I; Treble, PC; Baker, AA; Baker, AC
12-Jul-2017The impact of wildfire on the geochemistry and hydrology the vadose zoneColeborn, K; Baker, AA; Treble, PC; Baker, AC; Andersen, MS; Tozer, MG; Fairchild, IJ; Spate, A; Meehan, S
21-Jul-2016A post-wildfire response in cave dripwater chemistryNagra, G; Treble, PC; Andersen, MS; Fairchild, IJ; Coleborn, K; Baker, AA
1-Jan-2016Reconstructing past environmental change at Yarrangobilly CavesTreble, PC; Markowska, M; Tadros, CV; Jex, CN; Coleborn, K; Dredge, J; Baker, AA; Roach, R; Spate, A
12-Dec-2018Sulphur: a proxy for wildfires in stalagmitesColeborn, K; Baker, AA; Treble, PC; Wynn, P