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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1981ADL1 - an atomic data library for use in computing the behaviour of plasma devices including fusion reactorsClancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Apr-1976An analysis of power transients observed in SPERT 1 reactorsClancy, BE; Connolly, JW; Harrington, BV
Mar-1975Analysis of power transients observed in spert i reactors, Part 1 - transients in aluminium plate-type reactors initiated at ambient temperatureClancy, BE; Connolly, JW; Harrington, BV
May-1982ANAUSN - a one-dimensional multigroup SN transport theory module for the AUS reactor neutronics system.Clancy, BE
Aug-1983CLUTCH - an ordinary differential equation solver for initial value problemsClancy, BE
Dec-1978COMFORT - an interactive FORTRAN system for the IBM360 computerClancy, BE
Jun-1960The doppler coefficient for reactors containing thoriumKeane, A; McKay, MH; Clancy, BE
Mar-1978Effect of missing levels on the observed channels open in neutron fissionClancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Mar-1964Integrals involving doppler broadened contour functions.Clancy, BE; Keane, A
Dec-1972Integration - analytical and numerical.Clancy, BE
Jan-1972Integration - analytical and numerical. Reactor physics, mathematics and computers Summer School, January 1972.Clancy, BE
Jan-1974A mathematician's computer study of the reactor MOATABarry, JM; Clancy, BE; Gilbert, CP; McCulloch, DB; Pollard, JP; Sanger, PL
Dec-1963MULGA - a complex of codes for the determination of multigroup averaged neutron cross section dataClancy, BE; Doherty, G; Keane, A; Kletzmayr, EK; Pollard, JP
Jan-1975Reactors, mathematics and computers summer schoolBackstrom, RP; Barry, JM; Clancy, BE; Gilbert, CP; McCulloch, DB
1-Dec-1993The science and engineering of HIFAR safetyConnolly, JW; Clancy, BE; Beattie, DRH; Robinson, GS; Godfrey, RM; Harrington, BV
Dec-1984SCORCH - a zero dimensional plasma evolution and transport code for use in small and large TOKAMAK systemsClancy, BE; Cook, JL
Sep-1974Statistical distribution functions for products of variables with a gaussian distribution with zero meanBertram, WK; Clancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Mar-1977SUPERFIT - an interactive program for function evaluation and least-squares fittingClancy, BE
Jun-1983ZAPP - a computer program for simulation of reactor power transientsClancy, BE