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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Anisotropy in the thermal expansion of uranium silicide measured by neutron diffractionObbard, EG; Johnson, KD; Burr, PA; Lopes, DA; Liss, KD; Griffiths, GJ; Scales, N; Middleburgh, SC
5-Aug-2015Crystal structure, thermodynamics, magnetics and disorder properties of Be–Fe–Al intermetallicsBurr, PA; Middleburgh, SC; Grimes, RW
1-Dec-2015From solid solution to cluster formation of Fe and Cr in α-ZrBurr, PA; Wenman, MR; Gault, B; Moody, MP; Ivermark, M; Rushton, MJD; Preuss, M; Edwards, L; Grimes, RW
1-Apr-2013Hydrogen accommodation in Zr second phase particles: implications for H pick-up and hydriding of zircaloy-2 and zircaloy-4Burr, PA; Murphy, ST; Lumley, SC; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
1-Nov-2013Hydrogen solubility in zirconium intermetallic second phase particlesBurr, PA; Murphy, ST; Lumley, SC; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
2014Peroxide defect formation in zirconate perovskitesMiddleburgh, SC; Karatchevtseva, I; Kennedy, BJ; Burr, PA; Zhang, ZM; Reynolds, EM; Grimes, RW; Lumpkin, GR
Feb-2019A review on the development of nuclear power reactorsHo, M; Obbard, EG; Burr, PA; Yeoh, GH
1-Jun-2013The stability of alloying additions in zirconiumLumley, SC; Murphy, ST; Burr, PA; Grimes, RW; Chard-Tuckey, PR; Wenman, MR
15-Oct-2014The thermodynamics of hydride precipitation: the importance of entropy, enthalpy and disorderLumley, SW; Grimes, RW; Murphy, ST; Burr, PA; Chroneos, A; Chard-Tuckey, PR; Wenmam, MR