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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2022Biochemical interaction of few layer black phosphorus with microbial cells using synchrotron macro-ATR-FTIRShaw, ZL; Cheeseman, S; Huang, LZY; Penman, R; Ahmed, T; Bryant, SJ; Bryant, G; Christofferson, AJ; Orwell-Twigg, R; Dekiwadia, C; Truong, VK; Vongsvivut, JP; Walia, S; Elbourne, A
26-Feb-2009Effects of sugars on lipid bilayers during dehydration - SAXS/WAXS measurements and quantitative modelLenné, T; Garvey, CJ; Koster, KL; Bryant, G
Apr-2008Flow assurance in a model crude oil: a structural and rheometric study.Drabarek, E; Muzny, C; Bryant, G; Hanley, HJM
8-Aug-2017Intrinsically disordered stress protein COR15A resides at the membrane surface during dehydrationBremer, A; Kent, B; Hauß, T; Thalhammer, A; Yepuri, NR; Darwish, TA; Garvey, CJ; Bryant, G; Hincha, DK
Jan-2009Inverse hexagonal - inverse ribbon - lamellar gel phase transition sequence in low hydration DOPC:DOPE phospholipid mixturesKent, B; Garvey, CJ; Cookson, DJ; Bryant, G
Feb-2010Kinetics of the lamellar gel-fluid transition in phosphatidylcholine membranes in the presence of sugarsLenné, T; Garvey, CJ; Koster, KL; Bryant, G
15-Nov-2006Location of sugars in multilamellar membranes at low hydrationLenné, T; Bryant, G; Garvey, CJ; Kelderling, U; Koster, KL
21-Mar-2010Measurement of glucose exclusion from the fully hydrated DOPE inverse hexagonal phaseKent, B; Garvey, CJ; Lenné, T; Porcar, L; Garamus, VM; Bryant, G
1-Jul-2012A multilayered approach to polyfluorene water-based organic photovoltaicsStapleton, A; Vaughan, B; Xue, BF; Sesa, E; Burke, K; Zhou, XJ; Bryant, G; Werzer, O; Nelson, A; Kilcoyne, ALD; Thomsen, L; Wanless, E; Belcher, W; Dastoor, P
1-Apr-2013Phospholipid membrane protection by sugar molecules during dehydration-insights into molecular mechanisms using scattering techniquesGarvey, CJ; Lenné, T; Koster, KL; Kent, B; Bryant, G
12-Jul-2017Small molecule interactions with lipid bilayers by neutron diffractionGarvey, CJ; Kent, B; Hauß, T; Georgii, R; Demé, B; Cristiglio, V; Darwish, TA; Wu, CM; Mancera, RL; Bryant, G
1-Feb-2012Study of the effect of Penetratin on the gyroid to diamond phase transition in MyverolGoder, JND; Rafi, NAM; Bryant, G; Hunt, T; Kent, B; Garvey, CJ
Dec-2006Sugar distribution between and around membranes during dehydrationBryant, G; Lenné, T; Koster, KL; Garvey, CJ