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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2016Advance sample environment support for neutron instruments at the Bragg Institute, ANSTOImperia, P; Booth, N; Lee, S; D'Adam, TM; Manning, AG
29-Nov-2016Calibration of temperature controllers and sensorsManning, AG; Booth, N; Imperia, P
8-Apr-2014Design and implementation of a differential scanning calorimeter for the simultaneous measurement of small angle neutron scatteringPullen, SA; Booth, N; Olsen, SR; Day, B; Franceschini, F; Mannicke, F; Gilbert, EP
12-Jul-2017First application of simultaneous sans and differential scanning calorimetry: microphase separated alkane blendsPullen, SA; Booth, N; Olsen, SR; Franceschini, F; Mannicke, D; Gilbert, EP
3-Jul-2016Neutron optics upgrades to the residual stress diffractometer, KOWARIReid, M; Olsen, SR; Luzin, V; New, M; Booth, N; Clowes, D; Nguyen, T; Franceschini, F; Ogrin, A; Pangalis, S; Paradowska, AM; Larkin, N; Pan, Z; Hoye, N; Suzuki, H
12-Jul-2017New sample environment projects and developments at the Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringImperia, P; Booth, N; D'Adam, TM; Davidson, G; Lee, S; Manning, AG
1-Jan-2014Novel non destructive sample analysis techniques using neutron scatteringOlsen, SR; Gilbert, EP; Booth, N; Pullen, SA; Imperia, P; Peterson, VK; Garbe, U; Luzin, V; Paradowska, AM; Studer, AJ; Liss, KD
29-Nov-2016A peltier controlled sample changer for SANSLee, S; Booth, N; Imperia, P; Davidson, G
17-Sep-2010Small punch test of LC4/SiCP metal matrix compositesMak, J; Wuhrer, R; Humphries, SR; Booth, N; Heness, G; Yeung, WY; Wei, T; Qin, JN; Ouyang, QB; Zhang, D
16-Nov-2017Three impossible things before lunch - the task of a sample environment specialistBooth, N; Davidson, G; Imperia, P; Lee, S; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS; Komatsu, K; Yamane, R; Prescott, SW; Maynard-Casely, HE; Nelson, A; Rule, KC
24-Aug-2017What you see and what you get: combining near-infrared spectroscopy with powder diffractionMaynard-Casely, HE; Booth, N; Anderberg, L; Brand, HEA; Cotton, DV