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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2009ANSTO AMS facility sample processing and target preparation: an updateJacobsen, GE; Barry, LA; Bertuch, F; Hua, Q; Mifsud, C; Pratap, P; Reilly, N; Varley, S; Williams, AG
1-Jul-2014Application of stable isotope mixing models for defining trophic biomagnification pathways of mercury and seleniumJones, HJ; Swadling, KM; Butler, ECV; Barry, LA; Macleod, CK
1-Jan-2016Holocene ecosystem change in Little Llangothlin Lagoon, Australia: implications for the management of a Ramsar-listed wetlandWoodward, C; Shulmeister, J; Zawadzki, A; Child, DP; Barry, LA; Hotchkis, MAC
15-Dec-2017The indirect response of an aquatic ecosystem to long-term climate-driven terrestrial vegetation in a subalpine temperate lakeBeck, KK; Fletcher, MS; Kattel, G; Barry, LA; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Jacobsen, GE; Saunders, KM
8-Jul-2015Insights from stable isotopes for evaluating weed invasion in urban bushlandBeer, J; Chagué-Goff, C; Andrew, AS; Barry, LA
1-Feb-2017Palaeoecological evidence for sustained change in a shallow Murray River (Australia) floodplain lake: regime shift or press responseKattel, G; Gell, PA; Zawadzki, A; Barry, LA
10-Jul-2013Paleolimological investigation of the use of stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen in bulk sediment and cladoceran zooplankton to reveal ecosystem changes in Kings Billaong Northwest Victoria, AustraliaKattel, G; Gell, PA; Zawadzki, A; Barry, LA
6-Aug-2015Spring root-zone temperature regulates root growth, nutrient uptake and shoot growth dynamics in grapevinesClark, SJ; Lamont, KJ; Pan, HY; Barry, LA; Hall, A; Rogiers, SY
1-Oct-2014Temporal trends in millet consumption in northern ChinaAtahan, P; Dodson, JR; Li, XQ; Zhou, XY; Chen, L; Barry, LA; Bertuch, F
17-Nov-2021Using stable isotope analysis of archaeological pandanus nutshell to understand past rainfall at Madjedbebe, northern AustraliaFlorin, A; Roberts, P; Marwick, B; Patton, NR; Schilmeister, J; Lovelock, CE; Barry, LA; Hua, Q; Nango, M; Djandjomerr, D; Fullagar, R; Wallis, LA; Faibairn, AS; Clarkson, C
10-Jul-2015You are what you eat. Examination of isotopes in determining plastic ingestion by fishWilson, S; Mazumder, D; Jacobsen, GE; Barry, LA