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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2012The 18 kDa translocator protein (peripheral benzodiazepine receptor) expression in the bone of normal, osteoprotegerin or low calcium diet treated miceKam, WWY; Meikle, SR; Dunstan, CR; Banati, RB; Blair, JM; Zheng, Y
26-Oct-2014The 18 kDa translocator protein, microglia and neuroinflammationLiu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Hatty, CR; Kam, WWY; Chan, RHY; Pham, TQ; Harrison-Brown, M; Dodson, E; Veale, K; Banati, RB
Aug-2010Altered thyroid hormones and behavioural change in a sub-population of rats following chronic constriction injuryKilburn-Watt, E; Banati, RB; Keay, KA
1-Jun-2013Apparent polyploidization after gamma irradiation: pitfalls in the use of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) for the estimation of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA gene copy numbersKam, WWY; Lake, V; Banos, C; Davies, JB; Banati, RB
21-Apr-2010Attenuation correction for the large non-human primate brain imaging using microPETNaidoo-Variawa, S; Lehnert, W; Kassiou, M; Banati, RB; Meikle, SR
11-Sep-2018Cellular sources and regional variations in the expression of the neuroinflammatory marker translocator protein (TSPO) in the normal brainBetlazar, C; Harrison-Brown, M; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
2-Dec-2016Checkpoints to the brain: directing myeloid cell migration to the central nervous systemHarrison-Brown, M; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB
10-Sep-2021Control of neuroinflammation through radiation-induced microglial changesBoyd, A; Byrne, S; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
25-Feb-2021Corrigendum to “Using water quality and isotope studies to inform research in chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology endemic areas in Sri Lanka” [Sci. Total Environ., Volume 745(2020)/Article Number 140896]Nikagolla, C; Meredith, KT; Dawes, LA; Banati, RB; Millar, GJ
17-Sep-2013....dose effect studies from dosimetry to biometryBanati, RB
20-Jul-2016Dose enhancement effects to the nucleus and mitochondria from gold nanoparticles in the cytosolMcNamara, AL; Kam, WWY; Scales, N; McMahon, SJ; Bennett, JW; Byrne, HL; Schuemann, J; Paganetti, H; Banati, RB; Kuncic, Z
14-Mar-2022Editorial: Immune associated mental illnesses in adolescents and young adults: pathophysiological role and therapeutic perspectivesBanati, RB; Rohleder, C; Leweke, FM; Muller, N; Sawa, A; Yolken, RH; Hickie, IB
1-Dec-2013Effects of ionizing radiation on mitochondriaKam, WWY; Banati, RB
1-Feb-2017Epigenetic silencing of the human 18 kDa translocator protein in a T cell leukemia cell lineMiddleton, RJ; Kam, WWY; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB
2-Feb-2017Functional gains in energy and cell metabolism after TSPO gene insertionLiu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Kam, WWY; Chin, DY; Hatty, CR; Chan, RHY; Banati, RB
1-Jul-2013Green fluorescent protein alters the transcriptional regulation of human mitochondrial genes after gamma irradiationKam, WWY; Middleton, RJ; Lake, V; Banati, RB
3-Aug-2015Guwiyang Wurra–‘Fire Mouse’: a global gene knockout model for TSPO/PBR drug development, loss-of-function and mechanisms of compensation studiesMiddleton, RJ; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB
9-Oct-2016The impact of high and low dose ionising radiation on the central nervous systemBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
4-Jan-2021The influence of water–rock interactions on household well water in an area of high prevalence chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu)McDonough, LK; Meredith, KT; Nikagolla, C; Banati, RB
18-Oct-2012Intrinsic microtubule GTP-cap dynamics in semi-confined systems: kinetochore–microtubule interfaceBuljan, VA; Holsinger, RMD; Hambly, BD; Banati, RB; Ivanova, EP