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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2019The benefits of a multidisciplinary team model for groundwater-surface water investigations, Thirlmere Lakes, NSW.Cowley, KL; Cohen, TJ; Forbes, MS; Barber, E; Allenby, J; Andersen, MS; Anibas, C; Glamore, W; Chen, SY; Johnson, F; Timms, W; David, K; McMillan, T; Cendón, DI; Peterson, MA; Hughes, CE; Krogh, M
24-Nov-2019The canary or the coalmine? Isotopic evidence of drying climate versus groundwater outflow as the cause for recent losses from Thirlmere Lakes, NSWPeterson, MA; Cendón, DI; Hughes, CE; Crawford, J; Hankin, SI; Krogh, M; Cowley, KL; Cohen, TJ; Andersen, MS; Anibas, C; Glamore, W; Chen, SY; Timms, W; McMillan, T
31-Dec-2017Carbon dynamics in a Late Quaternary-age coastal limestone aquifer system undergoing saltwater intrusionBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Post, VEA
11-Jul-2017Carbon source and sink investigations in a Late Quaternary-age coastal limestone aquifer using radiocarbon of dissolved inorganic and organic carbonBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Post, VEA
9-Jul-2015Cave monitoring to constrain the paleoclimate interpretation of δ18O proxy in speleothems from semi-arid areasMarkowska, M; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Jex, CN; Cuthbert, MO; Rau, GC; Graham, PW; Rutlidge, H; Mariethoz, G; Marjo, CE; Treble, PC; Edwards, N
3-Nov-2015Cave stalagmites as records of past recharge frequency in semi-arid AustraliaMarkowska, M; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Rutlidge, H; Jex, CN; Cuthbert, MO; Rau, GC; Adler, L; Graham, PW; Mariethoz, G; Marjo, CE; Treble, PC
3-Nov-2015Caves: observatories of Australia’s diffuse groundwater recharge historyBaker, AA; Treble, PC; Andersen, MS; Markowska, M; Coleborn, K; Flemons, I; Kempsey Speleological Society
9-Mar-2020Changes in global groundwater organic carbon driven by climate change and urbanizationMcDonough, LK; Santos, IR; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Rutlidge, H; Meredith, KT; Oudone, PP; Bridgeman, J; Gooddy, DC; Sorensen, JPR; Lapworth, DJ; MacDonald, AM; Ward, J; Baker, AA
1-Feb-2020Changes in groundwater dissolved organic matter character in a coastal sand aquifer due to rainfall rechargeMcDonough, LK; O'Carroll, DM; Meredith, KT; Andersen, MS; Brügger, C; Huang, HX; Rutlidge, H; Behnke, MI; Spencer, RGM; McKenna, AM; Marjo, CE; Oudone, PP; Baker, AA
13-Dec-2019Characterisation and controls on mineral-sorbed organic matter from a variety of groundwater environmentsOudone, PP; Rutlidge, H; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Cheong, S; Meredith, KT; McDonough, LK; Marjo, CE; Baker, AA
1-Jan-2021Characterisation of groundwater dissolved organic matter using LC-OCD: implications for water treatmentRutlidge, H; McDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Andersen, MS; Meredith, KT; Chinu, K; Peterson, MA; Baker, AA
15-Mar-2020Characterisation of shallow groundwater dissolved organic matter in aeolian, alluvial and fractured rock aquifersMcDonough, LK; Rutlidge, H; O’Carroll, DM; Andersen, MS; Meredith, K; Benkhe, MI; Spencer, RGM; McKenna, AM; Marjo, CE; Oudone, PP; Baker, AA
11-Jul-2017Climate and groundwater recharge: the story from Australian cavesBaker, AA; Treble, PC; Markowska, M; Andersen, MS; Wang, Z; Mahmud, K; Cuthbert, MO; Coleborn, K; Rau, G
5-Dec-2011Constraining water fluxes through the streambed of a semi-arid losing stream using natural tracers: heat and radioisotopesAndersen, MS; Rau, GC; McCallum, AM; Meredith, KT; Acworth, RI
14-Apr-2015Dissolved organic matter (DOM) concentration and quality in a coastal aquiferZainuddin, NS; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA; Howley, EM; O'Carroll, DM; Jex, CN; Meredith, KT; Wells, E
14-Dec-2017Dissolved organic matter in the unsaturated zone: the view from the caveBaker, AA; Duan, W; Rutlidge, H; McDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Meredith, KT; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Coleborn, K; Treble, PC
1-Jan-2014Drip hydrology monitoring in caves to inform stalagmite palaeoclimate records, Yarrangobilly, NSWMarkowska, M; Treble, PC; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Hankin, SI
1-Jun-2014Drip water isotopes in semi-arid karst: implications for speleothem paleoclimatologyCuthbert, MO; Baker, AA; Jex, CN; Graham, PW; Treble, PC; Andersen, MS; Acworth, RI
15-Jun-2014Dripwater organic matter and trace element geochemistry in a semi-arid karst environment: Implications for speleothem paleoclimatologyRutlidge, H; Baker, AA; Marjo, CE; Andersen, MS; Graham, PW; Cuthbert, MO; Jex, CN; Rau, GC; Roshan, H; Markowska, M; Mariethoz, G
11-Dec-2017The effect of microbial activity and adsorption processes on groundwater dissolved organic carbon character and concentrationMcDonough, LK; Oudone, PP; Rutlidge, H; Meredith, KT; O'Carroll, DM; Andersen, MS; Baker, AA