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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1974Analysis of dilute natural uranium solutions by gamma-ray excited x-ray fluorescence.Ryan, RK; Ridley, JL; Alfredson, PG
Jan-1975Development of processes for pilot plant production of purified uranyl nitrate solutions.Alfredson, PG; Charlton, BG; Ryan, RK; Vilkaitis, VK
May-1971Influence of precipitation conditions on the properties of ammonium diuranate and uranium dioxide powders.Janov, J; Alfredson, PG; Vilkaitis, VK
Aug-1971Investigation of batch-tray calcination-reduction of ammonium diuranate to uranium dioxide.Alfredson, PG; Janov, J
Oct-1976Liquid wastes from mining and milling of uranium ores - a laboratory study of treatment methods.Ryan, RK; Alfredson, PG
Sep-1972Papers presented to the AAEC Symposium on Uranium Processing, Lucas Heights, 20-21 July, 1972.Miles, GL; Harltey, FR; Butler, RD; Henley, KJ; Cooper, RS; Kelly, A; Goldney, LH; Canning, RG; Gooden, JEA; Baillie, MG; Thomas, JA; Hardy, CJ; Alfredson, PG; Costello, JM; Silver, JM; Richmond, M
May-1973Performance of a thermosiphon evaporator for concentration of uranyl nitrate solutions.Levins, DM; Alfredson, PG
Jan-1975Pilot plant development of processes for the production of ammonium diuranate.Janov, J; Alfredson, PG; Vilkaitis, VK
Nov-1972Pilot plant development of processes for the production of nuclear grade uranium oxide.Alfredson, PG
1-Mar-1971Preliminary design and cost considerations for a plant to produce nuclear purity uranium dioxide from Australian ore concentratesCharlton, BG; Alfredson, PG
Dec-1970Production of sinterable uranium dioxide from ammonium diuranate in a pulsed fluidised bed reactor - interim report.Fane, AG; Alfredson, PG
1-Dec-1970Production of sinterable uranium dioxide from ammonium diuranate, Part 2 - batch production in a pulsed fluidised bed reactor - interim reportFane, AG; Alfredson, PG
Aug-1975Radioactive waste management.Alfredson, PG; Levins, DM
Oct-1970Review of processes for the production of hafnium-free zirconium.Royston, D; Alfredson, PG
Dec-1978Review of recent developments in uranium extraction technology.Alfredson, PG; Crawford, RE; Ring, RJ
Oct-1972Spray drying of ammonium diuranate slurriesLevins, DM; Alfredson, PG; Hirst, RC; MacBride, PR
Jul-1974Thermal denitration of uranyl nitrate in a fluidised bed reactor.Fane, AG; Charlton, BG; Alfredson, PG
Mar-1971(Undefined)Charlton, BG; Alfredson, PG