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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-20153d transition metal complexes with a julolidine–quinoline based ligand: structures, spectroscopy and optical propertiesFanna, DJ; Zhang, YJ; Li, L; Karatchevtseva, I; Shepherd, ND; Azim, A; Price, JR; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Reynolds, JK; Li, F
7-Aug-2015Cytotoxicity and structural analyses of 2,2′‐bipyridine‐, 4,4′‐dimethyl‐2,2′‐bipyr­idine‐ and 2‐(2′‐pyridyl)quinoxalineplatinum(II) complexesPages, BJ; Zhang, YJ; Li, F; Sakoff, J; Gilbert, J; Aldrich-Wright, JR
22-Mar-2017A fluorine-18 radiolabeling method enabled by rhenium(I) complexation circumvents the requirement of anhydrous conditionsKlenner, MA; Pascali, G; Zhang, B; Sia, TR; Spare, LK; Krause-Heuer, AM; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Greguric, I; Guastella, AJ; Massi, M; Fraser, BH
1-Dec-2016Investigating the cytotoxicity of platinum(II) complexes incorporating bidentate pyridyl-1,2,3-triazole “click” ligandsPages, BJ; Sakoff, J; Gilbert, J; Zhang, Y; Li, F; Preston, D; Crowley, JD; Aldrich-Wright, JR
20-May-2015A large spin-crossover [Fe4L4]8+ tetrahedral cageLi, L; Saigo, N; Zhang, YJ; Fanna, DJ; Shepherd, ND; Clegg, JK; Zheng, RK; Hayami, S; Lindoy, LF; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Li, CG; Reynolds, JK; Harman, DG; Li, F
23-May-2016Self-assembly of a unique 3d/4f heterometallic square prismatic box-like coordination cageLi, L; Zhang, Y; Avdeev, M; Lindoy, LF; Harman, DG; Zheng, RK; Cheng, Z; Aldrich-Wright, JR; Li, F