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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-1994Alligator Rivers analogue project an OECD/NEA international projectDuerden, P; Pescatore, C; Airey, PL
May-1996ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy: preliminary environmental reviewLevins, DM; Airey, PL; Breadner, B; Bull, PS; Camilleri, A; Dimitrovski, L; Gorman, T; Harries, JR; Innes, RW; Jarquin, E; Jay, G; Ridal, A; Smith, AM
29-Oct-2004Application of neutron activatable tracers (NATs) for cohesive sediment transport studies in contaminated estuariesHollins, SE; Szymczak, R; Airey, PL; Peirson, WL; Payne, TE
Mar-2002Assessment of the radiological health risk associated with ANSTO effluent release: including the reuse of tertiary treated sewer water and sludge and the impact of effluent entering local waterways with sewer surchargeAirey, PL; Domel, RU
Jan-1984Dating, mass spectrometry and nuclear science: a proposed new facility at Lucas Heights.Bird, JR; Airey, PL; Boldeman, JW; Cohen, DD; Duerden, P
1-Mar-2003Evolving role of radiotracers in coastal zone studiesAirey, PL; Hughes, CE; Kluss, T; Duran, EB; Miller, BM; Chiuenta, S; Nielsen, AF; Hollins, SE
1-Dec-2001The evolving role of radiotracing in integrated coastal zone management investigationsAirey, PL; Hughes, CE; Hollins, SE; Kluss, T
1-Jan-2015The future of radiotracingAirey, PL; Hughes, CE
31-Jan-2005Nuclear geophysiology: stable water isotopes as evaluators of hydroclimate predictions in the Murray-Darling basinHenderson-Sellers, A; Airey, PL; McGuffie, K
2006Radionuclide migration at the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Australia – lessons from the Alligator Rivers analogue projectPayne, TE; Airey, PL
Jan-2006Radionuclide migration at the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Australia: lessons from the Alligator Rivers analogue projectPayne, TE; Airey, PL
1-May-1994Radiotracer applications in AustraliaAirey, PL; Charlton, JS
1-Jan-2015Radiotracer applications: case studies from four continentsJung, SH; Bandeira, JV; Brisset, P; Wörman, A; Airey, PL; Hughes, CE
1-Jan-2015Radiotracer methodologyBrisset, P; Airey, PL; Jung, SH; Hughes, CE
2006Stable water isotopes as tools for basin-scale water cycle: diagnosis of the Murray–DarlingHenderson-Sellers, A; Airey, PL; McGuffie, K; Stone, DJM
19-May-2003Sustainability of groundwater under climate changeAirey, PL; Henderson-Sellers, A; Bradd, J; Chambers, SD; Hughes, CE; Habermehl, MA
24-Oct-2004Temporal analysis of stable water isotopic characteristics in the Murray Darling BasinHenderson-Sellers, A; Airey, PL; Stone, DJM; Bradd, J; McGuffie, K
18-Sep-2005Uranium adsorption and fixation processes at the Koongarra analogue site, Northern AustraliaPayne, TE; Airey, PL
2004Using radiotracer techniques for coastal hydrodynamic model evaluationHughes, CE; Airey, PL; Duran, EB; Miller, BM; Sombrito, E