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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1966Analytical description of growth of beryllium oxide during neutron irradiationPryor, AW; Hickman, BS
Jan-1965Effect of irradiation on the mechanical properties of beryllium metal.Stevens, GT; Hickman, BS
Jun-1963The effect of neutron irradiation on beryllium metal.Hickman, BS; Stevens, GT
Oct-1962The effect of neutron irradiation on beryllium oxideHickman, BS
Sep-1967Effects of irradiation on beryllia-based fuels.Hickman, BS; Rotsey, WB; Hilditch, RJ; Veevers, K
Feb-1956Escape of fission products from slurry particlesHickman, BS
Sep-1964Examination of BeO irradiated at elevated temperatures in the engineering test reactorHickman, BS; Chute, JH
Jan-1958H.T.G.C. fuel and moderator material irradiation programme.Hickman, BS
Sep-1962The irradiation behaviour of beryllium based dispersion fuels - a preliminary irradiation experiment.Hanna, GL; Hickman, BS; Hilditch, RJ
Mar-1963The irradiation behaviour of beryllium oxide dispersion fuels.Hanna, GL; Hickman, BS; Hilditch, RJ
Nov-1963The irradiation behaviour of hot-pressed dispersions of (U,Th)Be13 in beryllium - second irradiation experiment.Hanna, GL; Hickman, BS; Hilditch, RJ
Dec-1963Irradiation of beryllium at elevated temperatures. Part II irradiation of RIG X-74 in HIFARHickman, BS; Bannister, G
Oct-1961Irradiation of uranium metal tubes and rods in a 4V hole in HIFARHickman, BS; Smith, R; Hilditch, RJ; Mercer, WL
Apr-1959Post-irradiation facilities at Lucas HeightsEbeling, DR; Hickman, BS
Aug-1964The relationship between microcracking and mechanical properties in neutron-irradiated beryllium oxideHanna, GL; Stevens, GT; Hickman, BS