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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1978Effect of missing levels on the observed channels open in neutron fissionClancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Jun-1982An evaluation of the charge exchange rate coefficients for the hydrogen isotopes in plasmasCook, JL; Rose, EK
Sep-1977Evaluation of the Gilbert-Cameron level density parametersRose, EK; Cook, JL
Sep-1966GUNYA - a system of codes for the preparation of gymea cross section data librariesCook, JL
Nov-1966Multiparticle collisions. Part 1 - angular momentum eigenstates.Cook, JL
Nov-1966Multiparticle collisions. Part 2 - application of unitarity.Cook, JL
Nov-1971Note on the adler-adler resonance formalismCook, JL
Mar-1972On the non-invariance of distributions of reaction matrix parameters under changes in boundary conditionsBertram, WK; Cook, JL
Dec-1984SCORCH - a zero dimensional plasma evolution and transport code for use in small and large TOKAMAK systemsClancy, BE; Cook, JL
Feb-1971Solution of the inverse reaction problem for complex potentialsBertram, WK; Cook, JL
Aug-1972Solutions of the relativistic two-body problem II quantum mechanicsCook, JL
Apr-1972Solutions of the relativistic two-body problem II quantum mechanicsCook, JL
Jul-1982SPUTLIB - a library of Maxwellian-averaged sputtering coefficientsCook, JL; Rose, EK
Feb-1986SPUTLIB II - a revised version of the Maxwellian-averaged rates of sputteringCook, JL; Rose, EK
Sep-1974The statistical distribution functions for product ratios and sums of product ratiosCook, JL; Rose, EK
Sep-1974Statistical distribution functions for products of variables with a gaussian distribution with zero meanBertram, WK; Clancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Jul-1974A statistical model for compound nucleus formationCook, JL
Mar-1976Test of the three-Gaussian assumption for fission product mass yield curvesCook, JL; Rose, EK
Mar-1982Valency effects in compound nucleus level spacingsCook, JL; Rose, EK