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Title: Colour film techniques for hot-cell radiography.
Authors: Arthur, J
Blake, RG
Kelly, PM
Issue Date: Aug-1971
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: The report describes the processing and exposure conditions required to produce good colour radiographs of dummy fuel pins. Using a travelling microscope, cladding tube diameters, fuel pellet diameters and tube/pellet gaps were measured on colour radiographs to an accuracy of better than + 0.002 inches. The minimum detectable tube/pellet gap was 0.003 inches. In all cases the colour radiographs proved to be as good as or better than black and white radiographs of the same object. The se a microdensitometer to measure colour radiographs, it was necessary to print the radiographs on black and white film. A suitable black and white emulsion for this process was established and the results obtained compare favourably with those taken from black and white radiographs. Colour film is more tolerant to gamma radiation than an equivalent black and white x-ray film.
ISBN: 0642994331
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