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Title: MIRANDA - module based on multiregion resonance theory for generating cross sections within the AUS neutronics code system.
Authors: Robinson, GS
Issue Date: Dec-1985
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: MIRANDA is the cross-section generation module of the AUS neutronics code system used to prepare multigroup cross-section data which are pertinent to a particular study from a general purpose multigroup library of cross sections. Libraries have been prepared from ENDF/B which are suitable for thermal and fast fission reactors and for fusion blanket studies. The libraries include temperature dependent data resonance cross sections represented by subgroup parameters and may contain photon as well as neutron data. The MIRANDA module includes a multiregion resonance calculation in slab cylinder or cluster geometry a homogeneous B sub L flux solution and a group condensation facility. This report documents the modifications to an earlier version of MIRANDA and provides a complete user's manual.
ISBN: 0642598487
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