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Title: Final report on a field study of soil-to-plant transfer of radioactive caesium, strontium and zinc in tropical Northern Australia to the IAEA/FAO/IUR CRP on classification of soils systems on the basis of transfer factors of radionuclides from soil to reference plants.
Authors: Twining, JR
Shotton, P
Tagami, K
Payne, TE
Itakura, T
Russell, RA
Wilde, KL
McOrist, G
Wong, H
Issue Date: Sep-2003
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: Soil-to-plant radionuclide transfer factors for cesium (134Cs), strontium (85Sr) and zinc (65Zn) into sorghum and mung plants grown in tropical Australia have been determined over a four-year study period. The crops were grown on two types of red earth soils. Transfer factors for Cs and Sr are not substantially different from the expected values based on previous studies, reported in the general literature and compiled in the IUR database, mainly performed within temperate climates. In contrast, the values for zinc (Zn) are more than an order of magnitude greater than anticipated. Most of the radioactivity added to the soils has been retained in the top 5 cm of both soils. There has been a general decline in soil-to-plant transfer of Cs and Zn as time has increased.
ISBN: 1920791019
ISSN: 1030-7745
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