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Title: Separating small particles from liquids with the hydrocyclone, Part 111 - effects of major operating variables.
Authors: Thurstan, EG
Turner, KS
Issue Date: Jul-1961
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: For cyclone configurations producing flow ratios of 0.1 or less, the concentration efficiency increase as the feed concentration increases and then levels out at a concentration defined as the concentration slightly less than the critical feed concentration and the decrease. Both efficiencies increase logarithmically with flow rate. For a cyclone configuration of feed diameter (Di) = 0.082 in., overflow diameter (Do) = 0.098., and underflow diameter (Du) = 0.037 in., correlations are proposed for the critical feed concentration in terms of the effective density ratio and concentration and clarification efficiencies in terms of the feed concentration, feed flow rate and the Rosin-Rammler-Bennett size distribution constant of the solid. For cyclone configurations producing flow ratios from 0.2 to 0.5, the concentration efficiency is of minor importance. The clarification efficiency was found to be practically independent of concentration and also of flow rate except for materials with large distribution constants. Correlations are proposed for the clarification efficiency for a cyclone configuration of Di = 0.055 in., Do = 0.079 in., Du = 0.058 in. Optimum results may be obtained for a given suspension by choosing suitable flow ratios and hence cyclone configurations for each stage of a multi-stage unit. However, for maximum flexibility underflow throttling would be preferable. The concentration and clarification efficiencies are not greatly affected by the average particle size or size distribution of the solid but the degree of classification obtained is markedly affected by both.
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