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Title: Simple metal-catalyst-free production of carbon nanostructures
Authors: Ellis, TK
Paras, C
Hill, MR
Stride, JA
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2013
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Citation: Ellis, T. K., Paras, C., Hill, M. R., & Stride, J. A. (2013). Simple Metal-catalyst-free Production of Carbon Nanostructures. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 66(11), 1435-1439.
Abstract: We report the metal-catalyst-free production of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and nanobubbles, in a chemical reduction of hexachlorobenzene by metallic sodium, giving high yields (in excess of 80 %) and at temperatures as low as 190°C for multiwalled carbon nanotubes and 100°C for nanobubble formation. The carbon nanotube samples produced under solvothermal conditions were found to consist of large bundles of nanotubes (>50 µm) consistent with a facial growth from the surface of the molten metal. Meanwhile, the nanobubbles produced under ambient pressure were found to be small (≤1 µm), polydispersed (smallest ~50 nm), and the bulk to have a large microporous area. With the regulatory complexities and high environmental and economic costs of remediating waste containing highly hazardous halogenated aromatic chemicals, necessitating high-temperature incineration under strictly controlled conditions, this low-temperature, low-cost chemical degradation of hexachlorobenzene is of great potential as a scalable and workable remediation technology. © 2013, CSIRO Publishing.
ISSN: 0004-9425
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