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Title: Neutron capture by the chromium isotopes.
Authors: Kenny, MJ
Allen, BJ
Musgrove, ARD
Macklin, RL
Halperin, J
Issue Date: Jan-1977
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: Capture cross sections of the chromium isotopes have been measured at neutron energies up to 350 keV using the capture cross section facility at the 40 m station of the Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator. Parameters have been derived for 180 resonances. A moderate correlation [p(г0n,гγ) - 0.45] is observed between reduced neutron widths n y and radiative widths for s-wave resonances. Calculations of valence widths show that valence capture can only account for the correlated component of the observed radiative widths. An additional mechanism such as a 2p-lh doorway state must therefore be occurring to explain the uncorrelated component.
ISBN: 0642997683
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