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Title: Flow of spheres and near spheres in cylindrical vessels, Part II - pebble transit in recirculated random packings.
Authors: Gatt, FC
Issue Date: Jun-1970
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: An experimental and statistical investigation has been made of the transit of individual pebbles in recirculated random packings of equal spherical pebbles. Slightly aspherical pebbles were also studied Pebbles of 1.00 inch or 0.75 inch nominal diameter were used to form 30 inch deep beds in a 30 inch diameter vessel with a concave base in the form of a cone with 25 degree slope, the pebbles flowed downwards under the influence of gravity. The independent variables whose effects were studied were the radial position of the pebble, the number of pebbles in the bed situated beneath the seeding position, the pebble size and sphericity, and the amount of recirculation. Both transient and equilibrium conditions were considered. An estimate was made of the mean amount of recirculation required to reach equilibrium from an initially random packing. For spherical pebbles this was approximately 1.6 times the number of pebbles in the bed, and for aspherical pebbles it was 2,8 times the number, formulae are given for predicting the amount of recirculation required for a particular pebble to emerge from the bed.
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