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Title: Effect of two types of tree guards (with and without weed control) on tree seedling establishment.
Authors: Ladd, B
Larsen, JR
Bonser, SP
Keywords: Weeds
Biological Recovery
South Australia
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2010
Publisher: Ecological Society of Australia
Citation: Ladd, B., Larsen, J. R., & Bonser, S. P. (2010). Effect of two types of tree guards (with and without weed control) on tree seedling establishment. Ecological Management & Restoration, 11(1), 75-76.
Abstract: There are many potential problems that can limit the success of revegetation efforts (Close & Davidson 2002; Close et al. 2007), many products available for revegetation, and little independent research on the efficacy of those products. For example tree guards are commonly used to establish native woody plants in ecological restoration projects yet the effectiveness of tree guards in promoting seedling establishment is uncertain (Lai & Wong 2005; Close et al. 2007). Tree guards may protect seedlings from vertebrate herbivores, and/or protect seedlings from desiccating hot wind and/or frost (Corr 2003; Gould 2005). In Aldinga, South Australia the summers are hot and dry and it is possible that tree guards could aggravate this heat stress (Close et al. 2007). However, due to the Mediterranean climate, winters are cold and tree guards may be beneficial because they limit seedling exposure to cold stress during the early establishment phase. Here we present the results of a trial in which we evaluated the microclimate amelioration effect of two types of tree guard, with and without weed control, on seedling establishment in Pink Gum (Eucalyptus fasciculosa) in South Australia. © 2010, Ecological Society of Australia
ISSN: 1442-7001
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