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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2014Magnetoelectric coupling in isotopically substituted TbMn16/18O3 and RMn2O5 (R=Tb, Ho and Y) explored by Raman light spectroscopyGraham, PJ; Rovillian, P; Mulders, AM; Yethiraj, M; Argyriou, D; Pomjakushina, E; Condor, K; Kenzelmann, M; Ulrich, C
5-Feb-2014Adventures in reciprocal space - from Laue to Bragg and back againEdwards, AJ
30-Jan-2018Structure and dynamics in photovoltaic metal hydridesChea, K; Greaves, T; Le, T; Rule, KC; Mole, RA; Wang, P; Shrestha, S; Conibeer, G; Iles, GN
31-Jan-2005Precipitation, recovery, phase transition and recrystallization processes of massively transformed TiAI scrutinized by ex- and in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionLiss, KD; Bystrzanowski, S; Bartels, A; Buslaps, T; Clemens, H; Gerling, R; Schimansky, FP; Stark, A
31-Jan-2005Competing types of long-range 3d magnetic order in the layered molecular network compounds M(NCO)2(pyz), M - Mn, Re or CoLing, CD; Manson, JL
31-Jan-2005Domain structure effects in the relaxor ferroelectric PZN-PTPiltz, RO
5-Feb-2019The martensitic transformation in In-Tl alloys revisited.Finlayson, TR; McIntyre, GJ; Rule, KC; Saxena, A
5-Feb-2014Temperature dependence of structural parameters of the layered magnetic glass Fe0.5Ni0.5PS3Goossens, DJ; Lee, WT; Studer, AJ
2-Dec-2013Investigating the effect of pre-heating on the magnitude of residual stresses in aluminothermic rail welds using neutron diffractionKhodabakhshi, B; Paradowska, AM; Mutton, PJ; Ibrahim, R
6-Feb-2007An investigation of the structural dynamics in the fast ionic conductor Cu2-╬┤Se using neutron scatteringDanilkin, SA; Bickulova, NN