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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2020Increase of the stability range of the skyrmion phase in doped Cu2OSeO3Sauceda Flores, JA; Rov, R; Camacho, L; Spasovski, M; Vella, J; Yick, S; Gilbert, EP; Han, MG; Zhu, Y; Seidel, J; Kharkov, Y; Sushkov, OP; Söhnel, T; Ulrich, C
4-Feb-2020Reinterpretation of physical property data for TmV2Al20Hutchison, WD; Stewart, GA; White, R; Iles, GN; Cadogan, JM; Namiki, T; Nishiruma, K
18-Feb-2020Ultralow thermal conductivity from transverse acoustic phonon suppression in distorted crystalline α-MgAgSbLi, XY; Liu, PF; Zhao, EY; Zhang, ZG; Guidi, T; Le, MD; Avdeev, M; Ikeda, K; Otomo, T; Kofu, M; Nakajima, K; Chen, J; He, LH; Ren, Y; Wang, XL; Wang, BT; Ren, ZF; Zhao, HZ; Wang, FW
7-Oct-2020Neutron scattering at OPAL: scientific highlights and next generation instrumentationJames, M
2-Feb-2021Inelastic neutron scattering as a means for determining the magnetic exchange interactions in the frustrated quantum spin chain, LinariteRule, KC; Willenberg, B; Mole, RA; Wolter-Giraud, A; Tennant, A; Ehlers, G; Studer, AJ; Gardner, J; Suellow, S
29-Mar-2022Increased efficiency of organic solar cells by seeded control of the molecular morphology in the active layerRahaman, MH; Holland, J; Hossain, MA; Duan, LP; Hoex, B; Mota-Santiago, P; Mitchell, VD; Uddin, A; Stride, JA
Aug-2022Small angle neutron scattering and its application in battery systemsTeusner, M; Mata, JP; Sharma, N
4-Feb-2020Magnetic ordering in superconducting sandwichesChan, A; van der Heijden, NJ; Söhnel, T; Simpson, MC; Rule, KC; Causer, GL; Lee, WT; Bernard, C; Mallett, BPP