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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Radionuclide migration at the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Australia: lessons from the Alligator Rivers analogue projectPayne, TE; Airey, PL
2006ANSTO annual report 2005-06The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Dec-2006Nuclear science at ANSTOBrace, M
19-Apr-2006Evaluating trophic linkages in mangrove-based food webs using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogenMazumder, D; Szymczak, R; Saintilan, N; Williams, RJ
19-Apr-2006Variability of stable isotope ratios of mangrove glassfish (Ambassis Jacksoniensis) from southeast Australia and the implications for ecosystem studiesMazumder, D; Williams, RJ; Szymczak, R; Reid, D; Saintilan, N
2006Hydrogeochemistry of modern streams in the Riversleigh area (QLD-Australia): relationship with local carbonate lithologies-preliminary resultsCendón, DI; Graham, IT; Price, I; Hankin, SI; Chivas, AR
19-Jun-2006Data report: Radiocarbon dating and sedimentation rates for Holocene-upper Pleistocene sediments, eastern equatorial pacific and Peru continental marginSkilbeck, CG; Fink, D
7-Feb-2006Time-resolved neutron diffraction studies: the ferroelectric transition in triglycine sulphateDaniels, JE; Finlayson, TR; Studer, AJ; Hagen, ME
Jun-2006Fish assemblages in three tidal saltmarsh and mangrove flats in temperate NSW, Australia: a comparison based on species diversity and abundanceMazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Williams, RJ
23-Feb-2006Trophic relationships between itinerant fish and crab larvae in a temperate Australian saltmarshMazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Williams, RJ