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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-2016Synthesis of perdeuterated and selectively deuterated phospholipids and lipids for neutron applicationsYepuri, NR; Darwish, TA; Krause-Heuer, AM; Leung, A; Cagnes, MP; Holden, PJ
1-Feb-2012Neutron scattering studies of magnetic coordination polymersMole, RA; Montero, LF; Nadeem, MA; Peterson, VK; Piltz, RO; Stride, JA
31-Jan-2005Phase separation in the organic solid state: simultaneous synchrotron SAXS / DSC studies of unstable n-alkane blendsGilbert, EP; Nelson, A; Sutton, D; Terrill, N; Martin, C; Lal, J; Lang, EA
4-Feb-2014Mechanical properties of tungsten copper composites: direct measurement by neutron diffractionMignone, PJ; Finlayson, TR; Kabra, S; Zhang, SY; Franks, GV; Riley, DP
4-Feb-2016Crystallographic and magnetic structure study in SrCoO3-x by high resolution x-ray and neutron powder diffractionChang, FF; Reehuis, M; Hester, JR; Avdeev, M; Xiang, F; Wang, X; Seidel, J; Ulrich, C
4-Feb-2004The effects of multiple scattering on the analysis of USANS dataBertram, WK
2-Feb-2012Sample environments updates at the Bragg InstituteImperia, P
29-Nov-2016The Time-of-Flight SANS Instrument BILBY: design, construction, commissioning and first resultsSokolova, AV; Whitten, AE; de Campo, L
15-Nov-2012Crystal chemistry of boron-containing minerals by single-crystal neutron diffractionGatta, GD; McIntyre, GJ
29-Nov-2016Crystal growth and characterisation of a new J1-J2 spin-chain materialZanardo, J; Rule, KC; Krause-Heuer, AM; Mole, RA; Lerch, MLF