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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2014Estimating diffusion in heterogeneous groundwater systems using short-lived radioisotopes and stable isotopes of iodine or brominePeterson, MA; Cendón, DI; Mokhber-Shahin, L; Wong, HKY; Andersen, MS; Rowling, B
7-Mar-2016A quasi-monthly record of 10Be concentration at Law Dome, Antarctica, from 2000 to 2015Smith, AM; Curran, MAJ; Etheridge, DM; Galton-Fenzi, BK; Heikkilä, U; Klekociuk, AR; Moy, AD; Pedro, JB; Simon, KJ; van Ommen, TD
10-Dec-2018Groundwater isotopic record in southwest Australia: links to recharge variations and climatic conditionsPriestley, S
25-Aug-2004Ionising radiationAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Oct-2001A SANS study of the adsorption of guar gum on talc surfacesCram, SL; Knott, RB; Hanley, HJM
1-Aug-2011Comparative bibliometic analysis of publications from Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Kaeri) and, Shanghai Institute of Applied physics(SINAP)Webster, BM
1-Dec-2010Tumour response to gefitinib is associated with EGF- and gefitinib- but not radiation-modulated EGFR expressionLin, HQ; Katsifis, A; Meriaty, H
4-Jul-2016Composition and source apportionment of fine particulate matter during extended calm periods in the city of Rijeka, CrotiaIvošević, T; Cargonja, M; Bogdanović-Radović, I; Orlić, I; Stelcer, E
31-Jan-2012Quantifiying seasonal-scale changes in El Niño southern oscillation for the past millenniaMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Woodroffe, C; Fink, D; Phipps, SJ; Zhao, J
12-Feb-2016Radiation consultancy, training and calibrationAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation