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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1995Environmental and effluent monitoring at Lucas Heights Research Laboratories, 1994Hoffmann, EL; Camilleri, A; Loosz, T; Farrar, Y
Nov-1996POW3D - neutron diffusion module of the AUS system: a user's manual.Harrington, BV; Pollard, JP; Barry, JM
Dec-1998Japan-Australian co-operative program on research and development of technology for the management of high level radioactive wastes, 1985 to 1998: final reportHart, K; Mitamura, H; Vance, ER; Banba, T; Lumpkin, GR
May-1996ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy: preliminary environmental reviewLevins, DM; Airey, PL; Breadner, B; Bull, PS; Camilleri, A; Dimitrovski, L; Gorman, T; Harries, JR; Innes, RW; Jarquin, E; Jay, G; Ridal, A; Smith, AM
1998Environmental and effluent monitoring at Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre, 1998Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T; Farrar, Y; Mokhber-Shahin, L
Nov-1998Environmental and effluent monitoring at Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre, 1997Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T; Farrar, Y
Sep-1994Spent HIFAR fuel elements behaviour under extended dry storageRidal, A; Bull, PS
1-Jun-1995Contributions of fuel combustion to pollution by airborne particles in urban and non-urban environments : final report, Vol 1Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation; New South Wales Environment Progection Authority; Pacific Power Corporation; University of New South Wales; Macquarie University
Aug-1994Atmospheric tracer tests and assessment of a potential accident at the National Medical Cyclotron Camperdown, NSW, AustraliaClark, GH; Bartsch, FJK; Muller, HH; Stone, DJM
Aug-1992New research reactor for AustraliaAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation