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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Observation of a ferroelastic phase transition in the YBaCo4-xZnxO7+δ systemJuarez-Arellano, EA; Avdeev, M; López-de-la-Torre, L; Yakovlev, S; Bayarjargal, L; Winkler, B; Friedrich, A
3-Feb-2010The structures, phase transitions and dynamics behind mixed ionic and electronic conduction in hydrated Ba4Nb2O9Ling, CD; Avdeev, M; Johnson, MR
2-Feb-2016Incommensurate magnetic order in PrNiAl4White, RD; Hutchison, WD; Avdeev, M; Nishimura, K
15-Jan-2021A highly efficient and informative method to identify ion transport networks in fast ion conductorsHe, B; Mi, PH; Ye, A.J; Chi, ST; Jiao, Y; Zhang, LW; Pu, BW; Zou, Z; Zhang, WQ; Avdeev, M; Adams, S; Zhao, JT; Shi, S
7-Jul-2021Insight into disorder, stress and strain of radiation damaged pyrochloresFinkeldei, SC; Chang, S; Brandt, F; Bosbach, D; Ionescu, M; Avdeev, M; Simeone, D; Thorogood, GJ
8-Nov-2021Insight Into disorder, stress and strain of radiation damaged pyrochlores: a possible mechanism for the appearance of defect fluoriteFinkeldei, SC; Chang, S; Ionescu, M; Oldfield, DT; Davis, J; Lumpkin, GR; Simeone, D; Avdeev, M; Brandt, F; Bosbach, D; Klinkenberg, M; Thorogood, GJ
27-Nov-2005Incomplete and irreversible high-pressure induced ferroelectric to antiferroelectric phase transition of PZT95/5(2Nb) studied by in-situ neutron diffractionAvdeev, M; Jorgensen, JD; Short, SM; Morosin, B; Venturini, EL; Yang, P; Samara, GA
Oct-2021Visualizing lithium ions in the crystal structure of Li3PO4 by in situ neutron diffractionManawan, M; Kartini, E; Avdeev, M
15-Dec-2021Magnetic structure study of the sawtooth chain antiferromagnet Fe2Se2O7Nawa, K; Avdeev, M; Berdonosov, P; Sobolev, A; Presniakov, I; Aslandukova, A; Kozlyakova, E; Vasiliev, AN; Shchetinin, I; Sato, TJ
22-Dec-2021Crystal chemistry and ion-irradiation resistance of Ln2ZrO5 compounds with Ln = Sm, Eu, Gd, and TbAughterson, RD; Lumpkin, GR; Zhang, ZM; Avdeev, M; Kong, L