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Title: Mechanical behaviour and residual stress field of dissimilar laser welded joints
Authors: Iordachescu, M
Valiente, A
Keywords: Residual stresses
Welded joints
Laser welding
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Publisher: Romanian Metallurgical Foundation
Citation: Iordachescu, M., Valiente, A., Ruiz-Hervias, J., & Luis Ocana, J. (2013). Mechanical behaviour and residual stress field of dissimilar laser welded joints. Metalurgia International, Special Issue 18, 13-17.
Abstract: The present investigation addresses the mechanical behavior and residual stress field of dissimilar joints produced by laser welding. Microstructure characterization and residual strain scanning, carried out by neutron diffraction, were used to assess the joints features. It was found that the heat source position influences the base metals dilution and the residual stress field associated to the welding process. The tensile behavior of the joint, different zones achieved by using a video-image based system (VIC-2D) reveals that the residual stress field, together with the positive difference in yield between the weld metal and the base materials protects the joint from being plastically deformed.
Gov't Doc #: 9627
ISSN: 1582 - 2214
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