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dc.contributor.authorJung, SH-
dc.contributor.authorBandeira, JV-
dc.contributor.authorBrisset, P-
dc.contributor.authorWörman, A-
dc.contributor.authorAirey, PL-
dc.contributor.authorHughes, CE-
dc.identifier.citationJung, S. H., Bandeira, J. V., Brisset, P., Wörman, A., Airey, P. L., & Hughes, C. E. Radiotracer applications: case studies from four continents. In International Atomic Energy Agency (issuing body), Use of Radiotracers to Study Surface Water Processes (pp. 79-104). Viena: Intenational Atomic Energy Agency.en_AU
dc.description.abstractCase studies are a simple way to demonstrate how radiotracers can be successfully used in the environment in addressing water resources contaminant transport and coastal management issues. This paper presents ten case studies from Korea, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium and Sweden using a variety of radiotracers including 99mTc, 198Au, 3H, 82Br, 32P, 175+181Hf, 160Tb, 51Cr(III), 65Zn, 54Mn and 35S. These studies address physical transport processes such as dispersion and mixing, reactive transport and adsorption and contaminant uptake. Traced components include water, effluent, nutrients, contaminants and mud in rivers, lakes, wetlands and coastal waters.en_AU
dc.description.sponsorshipInternational Atomic Energy Agencyen_AU
dc.publisherInternational Atomic Energy Agencyen_AU
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIAEA-TECDOC 1760-
dc.subjectBromine 82en_AU
dc.subjectChromium 51en_AU
dc.subjectGold 189en_AU
dc.subjectHafnium 181en_AU
dc.subjectManganese 54en_AU
dc.subjectTechnetium 99en_AU
dc.subjectTerbium 160en_AU
dc.subjectTracer techniquesen_AU
dc.subjectWater resourcesen_AU
dc.subjectZinc 65en_AU
dc.titleRadiotracer applications: case studies from four continentsen_AU
dc.typeBook chapteren_AU
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