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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2013The effect of Fe and Ni substitution in magnetocaloric MnCoGeRen, QY; Hutchinson, WD; Wang, JL; Kemp, W; Cobas, R; Cadogan, JM; Campbell, SJ
30-Jan-2018Structure and dynamics in photovoltaic metal hydridesChea, K; Greaves, T; Le, T; Rule, KC; Mole, RA; Wang, P; Shrestha, S; Conibeer, G; Iles, GN
4-Feb-2016Atomic-scale understanding of CO2 adsorption processes in metal-organic framework (MOF) materials using neutron scattering and ab-initio calculationsAuckett, JE; Peterson, VK; Duyker, SG
5-Feb-2014Spin-reorientation in DyGaSusilo, RA; Cadogan, JM; Cobas, R; Muñoz-Pérez, S; Avdeev, M
3-Feb-2017Hydrogen bond dynamics, conformational flexibility and polymorphism in antipsychoticsPereira, JEM; Eckert, J; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Bordallo, HN
2-Feb-2016Steels and intermetallics under extreme conditionsLiss, KD; Dippenaar, RJ; Akita, K; Funakoshi, K; Reid, M; Suzuki, H; Shobu, T; Higo, Y; Saitoh, H; Zhang, S; Tomato, Y
31-Jan-2005Precipitation, recovery, phase transition and recrystallization processes of massively transformed TiAI scrutinized by ex- and in-situ high-energy X-ray diffractionLiss, KD; Bystrzanowski, S; Bartels, A; Buslaps, T; Clemens, H; Gerling, R; Schimansky, FP; Stark, A
2-Feb-2016Low temperature effect of lithium diffusion in 18650-type MNC batteryWu, CM; Avdeev, M; Chang, CC; Pan, PI
4-Feb-2016Low pressure synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction of Cu5-xMxSbO6 (M=Cr, Mn, W)Wilson, DJ; Söhnel, T; Smith, KL; Brand, HEA; Ulrich, C; Graham, PJ; Chang, FF; Allison, MC; Vyborna, NH
15-Nov-2012Crystal chemistry of boron-containing minerals by single-crystal neutron diffractionGatta, GD; McIntyre, GJ