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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2006Time-resolved studies of ferroelectric materials using Neutron Stroboscopic techniques during the application of electric fieldsDaniels, JE; Finlayson, TR; Studer, AJ; Jones, JL
31-Jan-2017First users on EMU, the cold-neutron backscattering spectrometer at the Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringIles, GN; de Souza, NR; Klapproth, A
30-Nov-2016Eight years in the life of ECHIDNAAvdeev, M; Hester, JR
5-Feb-2019New Sample Environment projects and developments at the Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringWhite, R; Imperia, P; Booth, N; D'Adam, TM; Davidson, G; Lee, S; Manning, AG; Tobin, S
5-Feb-2014Temperature dependence of structural parameters of the layered magnetic glass Fe0.5Ni0.5PS3Goossens, DJ; Lee, WT; Studer, AJ
12-Sep-2005Scientific opportunities at OPAL, the Australian replacement research reactorRobinson, RA
2-Feb-2011New sample environments and science opportunities at the Bragg InstituteImperia, P
2-Dec-2013Investigating the effect of pre-heating on the magnitude of residual stresses in aluminothermic rail welds using neutron diffractionKhodabakhshi, B; Paradowska, AM; Mutton, PJ; Ibrahim, R
3-Feb-2017Hydrogen bond dynamics, conformational flexibility and polymorphism in antipsychoticsPereira, JEM; Eckert, J; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Bordallo, HN
12-Jul-2017SPATZ: The second time-of-flight neutron reflectometer at the OPAL Research ReactorLe Brun, AP; Pullen, SA; Constantine, P; Spedding, J; Roach, D; McGregor, A; Affleck, J; Christoforidis, J