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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2013Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in Mn0.9 Ti 0.1 CoGeWang, JL; Shamba, P; Hutchison, WD; Din, MFM; Avdeev, M; Kennedy, SJ; Campbell, SJ; Zeng, R; Dou, SX
5-Feb-2014Designing new n = 2 Sillen-Aurivillius phases by lattice-matched substitutions in the halide and [Bi2O2]2+ layerLiu, S; Blanchard, PER; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Avdeev, M
2-Feb-2016Low temperature effect of lithium diffusion in 18650-type MNC batteryWu, CM; Avdeev, M; Chang, CC; Pan, PI
5-Jul-2019Polymorphs of rare-earth molybdates Ln10Mo2O21 (Ln= Gd, Dy, Ho): structure, conductivity and magnetismShlyakhtina, AV; Avdeev, M; Lyskov, NV; Denisova, KN; Kolbanev, IV; Chernyak, S; Shcherbakova, LG; Volkova, OS; Vasiliev, AN
30-Nov-2016Spin-reorientation in quaternary Dy_2Fe_2Si_2CSusilo, RA; Cadogan, JM; Hutchison, WD; Stewart, GA; Campbell, SJ; Avdeev, M
30-Nov-2016Pressure-induced valence transitions in metal oxides: squeezing the electrons out of lone pairsLing, CD; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M
30-Nov-2016Eight years in the life of ECHIDNAAvdeev, M; Hester, JR
3-Mar-2020Magnetism of classical pyrochlore antiferromagnet Na3Mn(CO3)2ClNawa, K; Okuyama, D; Avdeev, M; Nojiri, H; Yoshida, M; Ueta, D; Yoshizawa, H; Sato, TJ
1-Dec-2017Ion-transport phenomena and anomalous transformations in strontium uranium oxides.Murphy, GL; Zhang, Z; Avdeev, M; Wang, CH; Beridze, G; Kowalski, PM; Gu, QF; Kimpton, JA; Johannessen, B; Kennedy, BJ
Mar-2017Magnetic order in frustrated Kagome-Triangular lattice antiferromagnet NaBa2Mn3F11Hayashida, S; Ishikawa, H; Okamoto, Y; Okubo, T; Hiroi, Z; Avdeev, M; Manuel, P; Hagihala, M; Soda, M; Masuda, T