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Title: IMPURE - a FORTRAN program for the analysis of the gamma spectrum of technetium-99m eluted from fission produced molybdenum-99.
Authors: Hetherington, ELR
Wood, NR
Issue Date: Feb-1972
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: The FORTRAN program IMPURE is used to process the gamma spectrum of 99mTc eluted from fission produced 99Mo to determine the levels of 99Mo, 131I, 132I, 103Ru, and 140La impurities. During counting with a Ge(Li) detector and 512 channel analyser, the sample is screened in a 4.0mm lead pot to reduce the 99mTc contributions in comparison with the impurities. The program sums the counts accumulated in appropriate spectrum peaks, and calculates the standard deviation. After correction for decay, lead attenuation, detector efficiency and the interference by overlapping peaks, the activity of each nuclide and its percentage contribution are calculated. The results are displayed in an easily read format.
Gov't Doc #: 850
ISBN: 0642994501
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