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Title: Radiation shielding of an 8 in x 6 in Nal(TI) crystal for use in keV neutron capture experiments.
Authors: Broomhall, GJ
Keywords: Boron carbides
Gamma spectra
Neutron capture therapy
Scintillation counters
Issue Date: Nov-1971
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Broomhall, G. J. (1971). Radiation shielding of an 8 in x 6 in Nal(TI) crystal for use in keV neutron capture experiments (AAEC/TM603). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: The sensitivity of large NaI(TI) detectors to background radiation inhibits their use in measuring partial neutron capture cross sections in the keV energy region. Major sources of neutron induced background are the iodine in the crystal and iron in structural materials. In a survey of possible neutron shielding materials, a 70 percent by weight mixture of boron carbide in paraffin most readily reduced keV neutron fluxes. The use of a multi-layered shield assembly, incorporating an inner sleeve of boron carbide and lead shot in a litharge/glycerine cement, gave a factor of 10 improvement in the counts-to-background ratio at the 37 keV resonance in 48Ti.
Gov't Doc #: 848
ISBN: 0642994420
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