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Title: Study of the movement of phosphorous in the Little River Estuary, NSW.
Authors: Giles, MS
Keywords: Phosphates
Radionuclide migration
New South Wales
Phosphorus 32
Issue Date: Oct-1972
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Giles, M. S. (1972). A study of the movement of phosphorous in the Little River Estuary, NSW (AAEC/TM616). Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Lucas Heights, NSW.
Abstract: The estuary of the Little River, N.S.W. was mapped and measurements made of phytoplankton productivity, phosphorus content, chlorophyll 'a' content, zooplankton biomass, salinity, temperature and oxygen content. Phosphorus-32 and hydrogen-3 were injected into the estuary and the rate of movement of phosphorus-32 into the phytoplankton and zooplankton was calculated. The turnover time for phosphorus-32 in solution was approximately two hours.
Gov't Doc #: 778
ISBN: 0642994978
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