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dc.contributor.authorAvdeev, M-
dc.contributor.authorNaeyaert, PJP-
dc.contributor.authorSharma, N-
dc.contributor.authorYahia, HB-
dc.contributor.authorLing, CD-
dc.identifier.citationNaeyaert, P. J. P., Avdeev, M., Sharma, N., Yahia, H. B., & Ling, C. D. (2014). Synthetic, Structural, and Electrochemical Study of Monoclinic Na4Ti5O12 as a Sodium-Ion Battery Anode Material. Chemistry of Materials, 26(24), 7067-7072. doi:10.1021/cm5035358en_AU
dc.description.abstractThe monoclinic phase of Na4Ti5O12 (M-Na4Ti5O12) has been investigated as a potential sodium-ion battery anode material. In contrast to the previously investigated trigonal phase (T-Na4Ti5O12), M-Na4Ti5O12 has continuous two-dimensional (2D) channels with partially occupied Na sites, providing broader pathways and more space for the intercalation of excess sodium. Electrochemical measurements show that it exhibits a comparable or higher reversible capacity than T-Na4Ti5O12. Neutron powder diffraction reveals the preferred sites and occupancies of the excess sodium. In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction under electrochemical cycling shows that the crystal lattice undergoes strongly anisotropic volume changes during cycling. © 2014, American Chemical Society.en_AU
dc.publisherACS Publicationsen_AU
dc.subjectMonoclinic latticesen_AU
dc.subjectSodium ionsen_AU
dc.subjectElectrochemical cellsen_AU
dc.subjectNeutron diffractionen_AU
dc.subjectX-ray spectroscopyen_AU
dc.subjectCrystal latticesen_AU
dc.subjectRadioisotope batteries-
dc.titleSynthetic, structural, and electrochemical study of Monoclinic Na4Ti5O12 as a sodium-ion battery anode materialen_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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