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Title: Tailoring the coercivity in ferromagnetic ZnO thin films by 3d and 4f elements codoping
Authors: Lee, JJ
Xing, GZ
Yi, JB
Chen, T
Ionescu, M
Li, S
Keywords: Thin films
Coercive force
Electron beams
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIP Scitation
Citation: Lee, J. J., Xing, G. Z., Yi, J. B., Chen, T., Ionescu, M., & Li, S. (2014). Tailoring the coercivity in ferromagnetic ZnO thin films by 3d and 4f elements codoping. Applied Physics Letters, 104(1), 012405. doi:10.1063/1.4861165
Abstract: Cluster free, Co (3d) and Eu (4f) doped ZnO thin films were prepared using ion implantation technique accompanied by post annealing treatments. Compared with the mono-doped ZnO thin films, the samples codoped with Co and Eu exhibit a stronger magnetization with a giant coercivity of 1200 Oe at ambient temperature. This was further verified through x-ray magnetic circular dichroism analysis, revealing the exchange interaction between the Co 3d electrons and the localized carriers induced by Eu3+ ions codoping. The insight gained with modulating coercivity in magnetic oxides opens up an avenue for applications requiring non-volatility in spintronic devices. © 2014, AIP Publishing LLC.
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