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dc.contributor.authorClark, GHen_AU
dc.contributor.authorStone, DJMen_AU
dc.contributor.authorPascoe, JHen_AU
dc.identifier.citationClark, G. H., Pascoe, J. H., & Stone, D. J. M. (2000). Data volume of atmospheric tracer studies at Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia, 1996 to 1997. (ANSTO/ED/TN/1). Lucas Heights, NSW: , & Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Environment Division.-
dc.description.abstractA perfluorocarbon atmospheric tracer system has been used to investigate atmospheric dispersion processes in the region surrounding the Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre. Tracers have been released from two locations: a laboratory vent near the ridge of the Woronora river valley and from the HIFAR research reactor ventilation system. Most studies have been conducted during the early to late morning periods when valley influences might be expected on dispersion of the tracer plume. This report summarises the meteorological and tracer air concentration data and makes comparisons with estimates from a simple gaussian dispersion model. It is intended that the data will also be used for evaluation of more elaborate wind field and atmospheric models.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisationen_AU
dc.subjectTracer techniques-
dc.subjectData analysis-
dc.subjectClimate models-
dc.titleData volume of atmospheric tracer studies at Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia -1996 to 1997en_AU
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