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Title: Non-statistical effects in the radioactive capture cross sections of the neodymium isotopes
Authors: Musgrove, ARD
Allen, BJ
Boldeman, JW
Macklin, RL
Keywords: Neodymium
Neutron reactions
Cross sections
Strength functions
Issue Date: Jan-1977
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Musgrove, A. R. D., Allen, B. J., Boldeman, J. W., & Macklin, R. L. (1977). Non-statistical effects in the radioactive capture cross sections of the neodymium isotopes (AAEC-E-401). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: The neutron capture cross sections of the stable neodymium isotopes have been measured with high energy resolution in the keV region at the 40 m station of ORELA. Average resonance parameters are extracted for s-wave resonances. Significant positive correlations are found between T0n and Tγ all isotopes. The magnitude of the observed correlation coefficient, particularly for 142Nd (p = 0.9), cannot be explained in terms of valence neutron capture and additional mechanisms are discussed. The average s-wave radiative widths for the odd-A isotopes are markedly greater than for the even-A isotopes, while the p-wave radiative width for 142Nd is considerably less than the s-wave width.
Gov't Doc #: 624
ISBN: 0642997691
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