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Title: REXS contribution to electronic ordering investigation in solids
Authors: Beale, TAW
Beutier, G
Bland, SR
Bombardi, A
Bouchenoire, L
Bunau, O
Di Matteo, S
Fernandez-Rodriguez, J
Hamann-Borrero, JE
Herrero-Martin, J
Jacques, VLR
Johnson, RD
Juhin, A
Matsumura, T
Mazzoli, C
Mulders, AM
Nakao, H
Okamoto, J
Partzsch, S
Princep, AJ
Scagnoli, V
Strempfer, J
Vecchini, C
Wakabayashi, Y
Walker, HC
Wermeille, D
Yamasaki, Y
Keywords: X-ray lasers
Transition elements
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Publisher: Springer Heidelberg
Citation: Beale, T. A. W., Beutier, G., Bland, S. R., Bombardi, A., Bouchenoire, L., Bunau, O., Di Matteo, S., Fernandez-Rodriguez, J., Hamann-Borrero, J. E., Herrero-Martin, J., Jacques, V. L. R., Johnson, R. D., Juhin, A., Matsumura, T., Mazzoli, C., Mulders, A. M., Nakao, H., Okamoto, J., Partzsch, S., Princep, A. J., Scagnoli, V., Strempfer, J., Vecchini, C., Wakabayashi, Y., Walker, H. C., Wermeille, D., & Yamasaki, Y. (2012). REXS contribution to electronic ordering investigation in solids. European Physical Journal - Special Tops, 208(1), 89-98. doi:10.1140/epjst/e2012-01609-0
Abstract: Resonant Elastic X-Ray Scattering (REXS) has played a fundamental role in understanding electronic properties and in revealing hidden order, local symmetries and exotic states realized in correlated solids. This article reports on some of the relevant scientific contributions and technical advances over the last 20 years, by providing a list of related publications produced by various groups all around the world. The given perspective is that of a group of young scientists involved at various times in the investigation of the beauty of electronic ordering by the REXS technique. © 2012, Springer.
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ISSN: 1951-6355
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