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Title: Solution structure studies of monomeric human TIP47/perilipin-3 reveal a highly extended conformation
Authors: Hynson, RMG
Jeffries, CM
Trewhella, J
Cocklin, S
Keywords: Dichroism
Light scattering
Small angle scattering
Crystal structure
Issue Date: 17-Apr-2012
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Hynson, R. M. G., Jeffries, C. M., Trewhella, J., & Cocklin, S. (2012). Solution structure studies of monomeric human TIP47/perilipin-3 reveal a highly extended conformation. Proteins - Structure Function and Bioinformatics, 80(8), 2046-2055. doi:10.1002/prot.24095
Abstract: Tail-interacting protein of 47 kDa (TIP47) has two putative functions: lipid biogenesis and mannose 6-phosphate receptor recycling. Progress in understanding the molecular details of these two functions has been hampered by the lack of structural data on TIP47, with a crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of the mouse homolog constituting the only structural data in the literature so far. Our studies have first provided a strategy to obtain pure monodisperse preparations of the full-length TIP47/perilipin-3 protein, as well as a series of N-terminal truncation mutants with no exogenous sequences. These constructs have then enabled us to obtain the first structural characterization of the full-length protein in solution. Our work demonstrates that the N-terminal region of TIP47/perilipin-3, in contrast to the largely helical C-terminal region, is predominantly beta-structure with turns and bends. Moreover, we show that full-length TIP47/perilipin-3 adopts an extended conformation in solution, with considerable spatial separation of the N- and C-termini that would likely translate into a separation of functional domains. Proteins 2012;. © 2012, Wiley-Blackwell.
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ISSN: 0887-3585
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